Monday, August 17, 2009

Mang Inasal

Britney Spears's (there's an apostrophe s) song is Heaven on Earth. Yet, even if I listen to it, I'm still feeling otherwise. Yes, it's my 3 (and possibly even 4) weeks of living death, of agony, of pain. (Lenka and She & Him are playing while I study. I can't play songs I know the lyrics of because I won't be able to study. I'll just be singing the songs all night and day and night.)

Monday, August 17, 2009

I went to school early to study with my blockmate for our hands-on exam (the only exam in the lesson of R Stat) in Contemporary Database. Afterwards we'll be having our Information Systems Administration Long Test by 6pm. Then I'll be having my Theology midterm oral exam in the morning of Tuesday, plus some other extra-curricular commitments.

I thought our exam would be from 6-9pm, so I asked my dad to pick me up around that time. Turned out the exam was scheduled until 8pm only. We finished our long test almost an hour before the time so I just asked my dad to pick me up at the LRT station instead of the idea of withering out while waiting for him. My mom was there, so she treated us to the newly opened Mang Inasal near Puregold. Yeah.

When we were there, my mom was about to call the server. She was saying, "Kuya," when I corrected her, "Ma, ate 'yan." So she repeated, "Ate, ate, para saan po ito?" pointing at the dark orange stuff which turned out to be chicken oil, used to flavor your rice. The server told her, "Ma'am, lalaki po ako." Tralalala.

On our way home, my mom told me, "Anak, ok na sa akin ang maliit na bahay basta malaki ang lawn (but she mispronounced it as LOAN)." "Ma, gusto mo ng malaking utang? Loan?"
"Fine. Yard na lang."

Just now my sister asked me if I know our mom's new pet Garutay.
"Garutay?! Who's Garutay?" My mom was referring to our neighbor's dog, Kiray.
"Ang ingay ingay naman ni Garutay."

Now I'm so sleepy. I love my family.

MORAL: First day is still pretty much okay but sooner or later I'm going to run on zombie mode. I almost screamed to my horror when I saw dark puffy LV bags under my eyes. And I have no plans to sleep tonight (but a nap is highly considered) because I'm going to do my Theology which is not in my best interest. Really, Theology? I'm so sorry.

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