Saturday, August 15, 2009

Midyear Salesperson

Everyone's experiencing mid-something. Midterm exams, midyear progress report, midlife crisis, and the likes. There's a midyear sale in all of the shopping malls at the moment. August 14-16, because it's payday.

I told myself I need a bag. No seriously, I need a bag. My sister has truckloads of bags and I always borrow from her, so I seldom buy a bag. Well, August hits the seldom time so I planned to buy a bag in the midyear sale period.

Just one bag. I thought.

Of course that wouldn't happen if there was a sale. All of the prices just drop dead! So, in the end, I was able to buy a book, 2 pairs of jeans, and a bag. I resisted from buying a CD, because it wasn't on sale. I would buy the CD some time soon, just not now. I'm sure Marie Digby can wait. And I'm reluctant to buy just released CDs because repackaged or re-released albums are just plain painful for me to bear.

MORAL: Leave your credit cards at home when going to sales. Bring cash so you know when to stop. Well, whether you want to stop or not, you're going to be forced to stop because you have nothing to give to the cashier. Unless you brought IOUs that aren't really accepted by anyone.

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