Tuesday, August 11, 2009

PAASCU Tuesday

Forget about UAAP, IKR, OMG, OIC, and DLSU. PAASCU is the most buzzed acronym for the week. Uh-huh.

When a maintenance personnel stops you in the middle of your afternoon-I-don't-have-class-yet stroll to ask you "Have you noticed anything different?" randomly, and you can't seem to muster the courage to retort if it's a trick question or a joke, you know something is going to happen. When the restrooms smell like flower gardens (well at least in the morning they do) and the liquid hand soap holder is filled at maximum capacity with blue hand soap that actually emits a fresh fragrance (hand soaps smelling positively is more important than knowing if it can actually kill bacteria or not), and the floors are all so polished heavily that you can see your reflection while taking a pee (hello, CTC and SOM restrooms), AHA! Someone's going to visit Ateneo! Seriously, floors in SEC are so polished I was just waiting for the time I would slip and have a brain contusion. I could be like Michelle Kwan in a month.

A few weeks ago doors which could still withstand a few more banging were mysteriously replaced with new ones, and the department secretaries and other personnels started wearing a collared uniform sporting a patch of the Ateneo's logo. There has been speculations if aircons would be installed at rooms with open windows (read: no aircon). Haha, that's so much wishful thinking.

So the real question is, would cafeteria food taste better because of PAASCU's 2-day visit?

MORAL: First day of accreditation stress and pressure is just about to start and I bet everyone can't contain themselves. PAASCU people would see Ateneans, faculty and staff, looking oh-so-stressed-out and I don't know if that would be a plus. Go, Ateneo! Get that level 4 (again)! [3 out of my 4 classes today were visited by PAASCU accreditors. Wow.]

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