Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to Retrieve Your iPod in 5 Easy Steps

How to Retrieve Your Snatched iPod Touch While Riding A Bus in 5 Easy Steps:

Note that the victim noticed that his iPod was snatched when the music suddenly...stopped.

1. Run to the exit of the bus. Your adrenaline will get you through a crowded bus.
2. Grab by the collar the first person who's going to exit. Make sure your grip is strong.
3. Shout really loud that there's a snatcher in the bus and explain to the passengers that you're going to frisk them to look for the missing item. If the person is "clean", let go.
4. Trap the snatcher in a headlock while people are helping you look for your lost item. An elbow-drop is optional but not necessary.
5. Slam the confirmed snatcher to the side of the bus. Ask permission to hit the person. If others don't agree, go back to the bus and leave the snatchers at the side of the road.

My brother explained that if he lost his iPod without him doing anything he knows I will laugh at him. He recalls how I ran along Aurora Boulevard for my snatched phone. Taking into consideration my ankle was injured. Also, he told us that his workout regimen would be deemed useless if he doesn't take advantage of it, considering that the two snatchers were skinny.

MORAL: Whoever said that commuting is boring must experience what my brother experienced. I really like the slamming. Oh yeah! Ahia = 5 points, Snatcher = 0.

Note: Please do not do numbers 2, 4, and 5 if you're not macho enough. Thanks.

*Author is not liable to any damage or pain you might experience.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

R-18 Iced Tea

I'm staying in an internet cafe that doesn't offer internet games to avoid rowdy kids in their store. After being here for quite some time already (I can feel the strain of the cost of using internet here), I stood up and decided to walk around. I saw one guy's monitor and he was searching for... I don't know. I just saw images of women's asses in the screen then he turned around and I ordered Iced Tea in no time just to save my own.. ass. So much for being chismosa!


MORAL: Look at your own stuff!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kim Chopsticks

Wow, Audrey (Kim “Chopsticks” Chiu’s character) died in the series! Amazing! Now I can say I like that tv series! Hahaha. I don't watch tv anymore, just because I can't afford to! Sleep is a luxury already. Just when I thought that coming home late (which is becoming a trend for me now) would just bring me looks of fatigue and sadness, great news dawned upon me! Chopsticks no more!

Sorry, my sister and I have something against Kim Chiu and we don't know why. Why is she tooooo thin? I remember, "Chopsticks ba yan or legs?" Yeah. Why do you always have to complete her name? "Kim Chiu!" Why can't it be just "Kim" or just "Chiu?" Why.... Kim Chiu?!

So when her character died, all the while my sister was expecting that Jake Cuenca's character will die or something, I thought there was going to be a fiesta.

In times like these, I wish I’m a dormer. I feel like being drained every night.

MORAL: Sorry, Kim Chiu. Nothing personal. Just hormonal.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Last time, my dad asked me about source codes because Bandila had a segment about it pertaining to the automated election. I was grilled about source code, giving the definition, some examples, and all the analogies I could think of. Then, when the issue of RFID sprouted like mushrooms, I was in the spotlight once again. We did an RFID project for our OJT/practicum. Hey, it wasn't the same as going to Makati or some office everyday wearing corporate attire, but the experience was asymptotic. Well, who had the experience of being looked from head to toe by your visitor and questioning if you're really having practicum because you're just wearing shorts and slippers. HAHA. Yeah, I did that! We worked in school and in my groupmate's house. I felt how it was being a vagabond. It's really tough. So there, my course became useful for my dad already. He's getting information from me. RFIDs? I explained what they are, what they can do, their pros and cons. I feel so intelligent I'm like obese already.

First, source codes.
Next, RFIDs.
What's next?

MORAL: I now believe everything happens for a reason and the time when you realize that is just not now.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Haters Gonna Hate!!

Mga nakaiinis sa buhay.
Mga puwet na hume-hello.
Mga demure.
Mga Maria Clara.

It's okay to be like maarte but not Maria Clara! Haha.
And omg when you're like in pain, say OUCH!

Eyelovethis. :D

MORAL: This is so true! There are actually people like those who were featured here. There are people who cough in front of you (I am an annoyed victim), and there are the buttcracks. I used to call them coinbanks, because you could put coins in the gaps. And there are those "demure" people in the world. Hehe. And there are also people like the one who's talking about the Maria Clara's in the world.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And The Winner Goes To

What I witnessed a while ago is one of the most different raffle and freebie-giving day ever. When someone's name's drawn, people would rejoice if the person is not there. If the winner has a proxy, the words "please verify the ticket" would always be said. And if someone really wins, "Boooo!" would echo in the room.

During the raffle, JM, the project director said, "And the winner goes to..."

MORAL: This org is really different. Haha. I think if I won anything from the raffle, it would really look awkward when my name gets posted in the winners' board. Oh well, that's something that's not really fun. Though I get free tickets for plays and musicals, I think it's okay.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

When ITALY and JAPAN Aren't Enough

Why is it fun to be creative, really bored, and stuck somewhere else? I've only heard of ITALY, JAPAN, and BALIWAG (thanks to my Theo groupmate, Kris, for introducing the acronym to us). I found this on someone's page, sorry! I can't remember where, but if I do, I'll really cite it here, because I'm not claiming to have written these. It's a good read, though. Shows how we can create a multitude of phrases from the spelling of countries and places.
  • ITALY - I Trust And Love You
  • IMUS - I Miss U, Sweetheart.
  • BALIWAG - Beauty And Love I Will Always Give.
  • HOLLAND - Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies
  • PARIS - Please Always Remember I’m Sincere
  • ROME - Remember Our Memorable Evenings
  • JAPAN - Just Always Pray At Night
  • LIBYA - Love Is Beautiful; You Also
  • FRANCE - Friendship Remains And Never Can End
  • CHINA - Come Here, I Need Affection
  • PINAS - Promise Im Nice And Sweet.
  • KOREA - Keep Optimistic Regardless of Every Adversity.
  • KENYA - Keep Everything Nice Yet Arousing.
  • MALABON - May A Lasting Affair Be Ours Now.
  • MANILA - May All Nights Inspire Love Always.
  • CANADA - Cute And Naughty Action Develops Attraction.
  • PASIG - Please Always Say I’m Gorgeous!
  • CEBU - Change Everything… But Us.
  • BURMA - Between Us, Remember Me Always.
  • TONDO - Tonight’s Our Night, Dearest One.
  • INDIA - I Nearly Died In Adoration!
  • EGYPT - Everything’s Great, You Pretty Thing!
  • RUSSIA Romance Under the Sky & Stars is Intimate Always.
  • PARANAQUE - Please Always Remain Adorable, Nice And Quiet Under Ecstacy.
  • PASAY - Pretty And Sexy, Are You?
  • MARLBORO - Men Always Remember Love Because Of Romance Only.
  • PERU - Porget Everyone… Remember Us.
  • SINGAPORE - Sex Is Needed; Gals Are Priceless; Orgies R Excellent.
  • YEMEN - Yugyugan Every Morning, Every Night.
  • PHILIPPINES - Pumping Hot I Love It! Please, Please, I Need Erotic Stimulation
MORAL: Filipinos are the real bombshells in creativity. We should be hired to do more advertisements.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

On the News on Automated Elections

And just like that. With the news on automated elections in the country, people are starting to talk about information systems and source codes. In reunions and family gatherings whenever the topic on the election arises, my relatives never fail to confirm to me my course, "Diba MIS ka?"

"Opo. Management Information Systems po. At ngayon, alam niyo na po na mahalaga kami sa lipunan."


I must not add anything more. I shouldn't tell them that my course is Management Information Systems specializing in Business Intelligence. And I haven't even added the "Bachelor of Science Major in ..." thing.

MORAL: Source codes and automated elections, people are still unsure on the use of Information Technology for the elections. They still opt to have manual elections because they said automated elections can still be cheated and tampered. Really now. Even though post-election headlines usually bear, "Dinaya ako!" or "I was cheated by (insert opponent's name here)!" Seriously, people still prefer manual elections? Can't blame them, but give automated elections a chance.

Bio Punnett

MORAL: I love Bio people. :D

Friday, September 11, 2009

Win Those

Everyone's talking about upgrading into Windows 7. They're excited ecstatic. Just thinking of backing-up everything then installing everything again makes me cringe.

I know Vista s├╝cks bigtime and we can get the Pro for free, it's still plain annoying thinking of it.

The benefits are presented and can be highlighted, which upon installation of your new Windows 7, you would be so happy you could sponsor a feast for two towns.

Installing everything again is not a happy thing to do. Might do it in the semestral break, instead. Even if my sembreak is practically non-existent anymore.

MORAL: Be open to change especially when you yourself know that you could reap something in return. Look at problems as challenges because having this kind of thinking will help you learn, instead of whine all day everyday.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Always Have Moral

I made a tumblr account because I can't flood my blog with all of my one liners that suddenly spring into existence.

St Ignatius de Loyola, the patron saint of the Ateneo de Manila University, valued reflection. Its powers are beyond imagination. He suggested to reflect on our experiences as much as we can - daily if possible.

I believe that there is something to learn from our experiences. And if that experience got the chance to be entered in my blog, you know there's a diamond of learning waiting in the rough. I don't always have to look hard for it to unearth it.

MORAL: What you know now is not less of what you will know tomorrow. You don't compare it, you keep it, you treasure it. Question, why do you still have to go to school tomorrow? Answer, because what I learned today is not yet enough. Learning is an endless endeavor because there is just so much to know and to learn. And learning doesn't stop after school. (I just made-up everything you read.)

Present IT

AVP for Document Management

AVP for Projects

VP for Externals

Have you ever been part of a school organization? Well, I'm an officer in our organization and we're promoting a new thing for all the projects we do. The project officers have to present their plans and updates to the management officers. Mark, my blockmate and also the AVP for Member Development, is fond of whipping up these caricatures of people around. It's his way of spacing out. He did a lot of caricatures and comic strips during our 6-unit Calculus class. We were seatmates and yes, I bore witness to all of the wasted tuition fee great stuff he has drawn. We even composed a song instead of listening to every detail of Calculus. Dang, Calculus took much of our lives!

Anyway, after every presentation is the much awaited question and answer portion. There were a lot of questions and clarifications so I guess Mark spaced out again. Then he drew those beside him, the AVP for Projects and VP for Externals who asked a lot of questions, and the AVP for Document Management who was going haywire.

Good job for the project officers, though! The AVPs were just weird a while ago. Haha.

MORAL: Any meeting after the duration goes beyond the set time usually drops the "attentive percentage" from 90% to as low as 10%. So, be strict with the time. Start on time, end on time.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Top 5 Happiest Cities

According to Yahoo!, the top 5 happiest cities in the world are:

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2. Sydney, Australia
3. Barcelona, Spain
4. Amsterdam, Netherlands
5. Melbourne, Australia
6. Manila, Philippines

Yay! Two are from Australia! I like Australia, well I like my idea of Australia. Laid back life, friendly people, and skin cancer. Then, there's the Netherlands! I have stated previously how much I like the Netherlands.

So why the post? The article has been in Yahoo! for quite sometime. I just thought of posting it because I'm really getting haywired with all the stuff I have to do. I am living the zombie season. I don't know why, but I have been doing so much lately. Lately meaning since August. Really. There's no "hell week" for me. There are hell weekS (please notice the emphasis on the letter S) and the possibility of hell month. Hmm. I think they should change the name of hell weeek into like "challenge week" or "inferno month." OK. That was a fugly idea which deserves death by firing squad.

MORAL: If you want something done well, do it yourself. However, if you know you would produce a less competent end-result, well, admit it and give the task to someone else whom you know (and trust) can make the "something" better.

*insert a happy face here*

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Scalpburn Aftermath

Is one of the worst things that I have seen. What the *bleep* is that?! I'll share to you a story from an anonymous contributor.

A mother thought she saw oatmeal in her kid's head. The mom panicked too much when she saw it, and then removed what was left of the "oatmeal" from this kid's hair. Dandruff? Nopes. Flakes? More like toasted flakes! I think it's (really) disgusting, but heck it happened. Until now, the sight and idea of it make me cringe. I think I just vomitted in my mouth.

MORAL: Don't expose anything for too long under the sun, unless you want some dried products. Sheesh. Scalpburn sucks. Bigtime.

Kadiri talaga.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Sweat, Blood, and Tears

This is really bizarre, but I would be like this kid with all the work and all the stress I am under with. Next time, I'll be featured in a video as well showing me sweating blood. I am not complaining, I'm just saying.

MORAL: The blood is the lifeline of the body. This video is really uhmm, creepy. Lachrymal duct + blood = not fun.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Blowfish and Starfish

I had my immersion last August 28-30, 2009 at San Salvador, Masinloc, Zambales. I knew that it would be a great adventure, because of the diving, swimming and well, the thrill of meeting new people and living with them. That includes my immersion partner, someone who's not your classmate/groupmate, who's paired with you by your formator, to live with a foster family. I enjoyed the immersion. I really, really enjoyed it. I don't regret missing my midterm exam because I got to take it at a later date anyway.

The weather was on our side. Amen to that!

What do I think of my sunburned skin and uneven skin tone? Nothing, I just think of the experience and I feel like my sunburned skin is healing now. (Yeah I'm "molting" so what. Haha.)
What do I think of my scratch-free diving mask that someone accidentally took? Hmm, I'll just think that it's my gift to them.
What do I think of my immersion-mates? They rock! They're some of the coolest, funniest people I have met.
What do I think of the place where we stayed? Thank God I brought those trekking sandals. Thanks to my Mom for funding those sandals.
What do I think of the whole experience? I know I'm immersed.
Why do I keep on using "what"? Good question! I really don't know!

I got around 300 worth of pictures. A lot of them involve people, and there were a lot of scenery shots as well. I chose these two pictures because well, most of us could take photos of "amazing views" or scenes that could give you the "awww" moments but it's not everyday one could capture a starfish and a blowfish underwater. So yeah, I'm somewhat proud of these pictures.

Will I post an entry about the immersion experience? Yeah, sure. Just not now.

MORAL: There's beauty in everything. If you can't see it, maybe you just have to look more intently. Remember to rinse your sea-soaked camera with freshwater after use. Amen!

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Yay! This is going to be my second post through the trial version of this blogging app. Like the previous post, I'm using my trusty phone to post.

When you're inside a tricycle and you're going to pass through gate 3.5 on a 4:30pm schedule, it'll feel like being in Makati and Manila (at the same time) while trying really hard not to breathe all the fumes from the mufflers / car exhausts. My lungs probably feel like it has smoked a CR-V's worth of carbon monoxide, and a Pajero's worth of second hand smoke. All cars coming from Ateneo, cars going to UP/Miriam area, all their fumes combined is the best lung-friendly combination out there. And you'll smell like crap in the end aside from paying that much for the trike fare.

MORAL: Whether you walk or you ride the trike, pollution and global warming will still get the best of you. They'll haunt you. Scary crap.

Kagats / Phone Blogging Trial

Ang sarap ng nangangamoy balm. Yung pangmatandang balm. Hindi pala pangmatanda, basta yung sanitary balm, yung amoy maanghang, amoy puro kagat ng lamok yung katabi mo. Nakaupo kayo sa may aircon ng train tapos umaalingasaw yung amoy ng balm. Feeling mo either pinutakte ng lamok yung katabi mo o may arthritis siya at nilagyan niya ng balm yung katawan niya. Tipong hindi mo alam kung saang parte ng katawan niya may balm kaya medyo lang, medyo ayaw mo dumikit.

Badtrip. Ako yung nangangamoy balm eh. Mga lamok ng Zambales, humanda kayo sakin kapag bumalik ako. Bobombahin ko kayo. Nagsilabasan mga kagat ko pag-uwi.

MORAL: Ganun talaga pag rural areas, chong. Bawal maarte, nakamamatay ang kaartehan. Joke. Ang paglagay ng Off Lotion ay hindi kaartehan. Nakalimutan ko lang talaga. Boo.

Sinubukan ko lang yung Wavelog pampost ng entry. Cool. Kaso trial lang eh. Try ko yung Scribe next time.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Internet Addiction and Mountain English

The topic in the ABS-CBN show Kalye aside from the previous topic (they have multiple topics per episode) on Kidnap, is Internet Addiction. One group who was really fond of the Internet and playing LAN games set-up their own Internet shop instead. They even customized the seats because their clients want reclining chairs when they play for 12 hours. They reasoned that while they're enjoying what they are doing, they're earning money in the process. One girl interviewed who considered herself an Internet addict said that, "sana pagnagka-anak ako, hindi sila maadik sa Internet, because it's not very good," then giggled. Then my dad and my yaya were telling me stuff like I'm always online and always typing stuff or something. "Mag-apply na kayo as typist." I'm like, "hello? I'm excused! I am on a computer course!" I think my dad just rolled his eyes on me.

Then switch to GMA and there's iWitness and their topic was faulty English. They went around to check the proficiency of Filipinos in English. It's common to see typos in signages around the metro, so aside from that, they interviewed random passers-by and elementary public school students. Lo and behold, the elementary school with the highest proficiency in English can be found in the rural areas of Mt. Province. NCR elementary schools? Not so good. Spell SCIENCE. S-C-I-A-N-S-C-E. English is not our national language, yes I know that, but when we're teaching something, make it real good not just in the theory part but in the application part as well. Written and spoken English are not mutually exclusive, you know.

MORAL: Development is good, bending it to suffice one's own personal interest while stepping on someone else's rights is not good. Internet is not bad, abusing it is bad. English is not bad, but some English are really bad.

*Next post would be my Immersion post. :)