Thursday, September 03, 2009


Yay! This is going to be my second post through the trial version of this blogging app. Like the previous post, I'm using my trusty phone to post.

When you're inside a tricycle and you're going to pass through gate 3.5 on a 4:30pm schedule, it'll feel like being in Makati and Manila (at the same time) while trying really hard not to breathe all the fumes from the mufflers / car exhausts. My lungs probably feel like it has smoked a CR-V's worth of carbon monoxide, and a Pajero's worth of second hand smoke. All cars coming from Ateneo, cars going to UP/Miriam area, all their fumes combined is the best lung-friendly combination out there. And you'll smell like crap in the end aside from paying that much for the trike fare.

MORAL: Whether you walk or you ride the trike, pollution and global warming will still get the best of you. They'll haunt you. Scary crap.

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