Friday, September 18, 2009

Haters Gonna Hate!!

Mga nakaiinis sa buhay.
Mga puwet na hume-hello.
Mga demure.
Mga Maria Clara.

It's okay to be like maarte but not Maria Clara! Haha.
And omg when you're like in pain, say OUCH!

Eyelovethis. :D

MORAL: This is so true! There are actually people like those who were featured here. There are people who cough in front of you (I am an annoyed victim), and there are the buttcracks. I used to call them coinbanks, because you could put coins in the gaps. And there are those "demure" people in the world. Hehe. And there are also people like the one who's talking about the Maria Clara's in the world.

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