Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to Retrieve Your iPod in 5 Easy Steps

How to Retrieve Your Snatched iPod Touch While Riding A Bus in 5 Easy Steps:

Note that the victim noticed that his iPod was snatched when the music suddenly...stopped.

1. Run to the exit of the bus. Your adrenaline will get you through a crowded bus.
2. Grab by the collar the first person who's going to exit. Make sure your grip is strong.
3. Shout really loud that there's a snatcher in the bus and explain to the passengers that you're going to frisk them to look for the missing item. If the person is "clean", let go.
4. Trap the snatcher in a headlock while people are helping you look for your lost item. An elbow-drop is optional but not necessary.
5. Slam the confirmed snatcher to the side of the bus. Ask permission to hit the person. If others don't agree, go back to the bus and leave the snatchers at the side of the road.

My brother explained that if he lost his iPod without him doing anything he knows I will laugh at him. He recalls how I ran along Aurora Boulevard for my snatched phone. Taking into consideration my ankle was injured. Also, he told us that his workout regimen would be deemed useless if he doesn't take advantage of it, considering that the two snatchers were skinny.

MORAL: Whoever said that commuting is boring must experience what my brother experienced. I really like the slamming. Oh yeah! Ahia = 5 points, Snatcher = 0.

Note: Please do not do numbers 2, 4, and 5 if you're not macho enough. Thanks.

*Author is not liable to any damage or pain you might experience.

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