Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Internet Addiction and Mountain English

The topic in the ABS-CBN show Kalye aside from the previous topic (they have multiple topics per episode) on Kidnap, is Internet Addiction. One group who was really fond of the Internet and playing LAN games set-up their own Internet shop instead. They even customized the seats because their clients want reclining chairs when they play for 12 hours. They reasoned that while they're enjoying what they are doing, they're earning money in the process. One girl interviewed who considered herself an Internet addict said that, "sana pagnagka-anak ako, hindi sila maadik sa Internet, because it's not very good," then giggled. Then my dad and my yaya were telling me stuff like I'm always online and always typing stuff or something. "Mag-apply na kayo as typist." I'm like, "hello? I'm excused! I am on a computer course!" I think my dad just rolled his eyes on me.

Then switch to GMA and there's iWitness and their topic was faulty English. They went around to check the proficiency of Filipinos in English. It's common to see typos in signages around the metro, so aside from that, they interviewed random passers-by and elementary public school students. Lo and behold, the elementary school with the highest proficiency in English can be found in the rural areas of Mt. Province. NCR elementary schools? Not so good. Spell SCIENCE. S-C-I-A-N-S-C-E. English is not our national language, yes I know that, but when we're teaching something, make it real good not just in the theory part but in the application part as well. Written and spoken English are not mutually exclusive, you know.

MORAL: Development is good, bending it to suffice one's own personal interest while stepping on someone else's rights is not good. Internet is not bad, abusing it is bad. English is not bad, but some English are really bad.

*Next post would be my Immersion post. :)

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