Friday, September 25, 2009

Kim Chopsticks

Wow, Audrey (Kim “Chopsticks” Chiu’s character) died in the series! Amazing! Now I can say I like that tv series! Hahaha. I don't watch tv anymore, just because I can't afford to! Sleep is a luxury already. Just when I thought that coming home late (which is becoming a trend for me now) would just bring me looks of fatigue and sadness, great news dawned upon me! Chopsticks no more!

Sorry, my sister and I have something against Kim Chiu and we don't know why. Why is she tooooo thin? I remember, "Chopsticks ba yan or legs?" Yeah. Why do you always have to complete her name? "Kim Chiu!" Why can't it be just "Kim" or just "Chiu?" Why.... Kim Chiu?!

So when her character died, all the while my sister was expecting that Jake Cuenca's character will die or something, I thought there was going to be a fiesta.

In times like these, I wish I’m a dormer. I feel like being drained every night.

MORAL: Sorry, Kim Chiu. Nothing personal. Just hormonal.

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Mark Bautista said...

Bago matapos yung series, sabi ni Kim Chiu sa interview na maganda yung ending. Ang comment ng lahat ng family ko:

"E di mamamatay siya?"