Saturday, September 12, 2009

On the News on Automated Elections

And just like that. With the news on automated elections in the country, people are starting to talk about information systems and source codes. In reunions and family gatherings whenever the topic on the election arises, my relatives never fail to confirm to me my course, "Diba MIS ka?"

"Opo. Management Information Systems po. At ngayon, alam niyo na po na mahalaga kami sa lipunan."


I must not add anything more. I shouldn't tell them that my course is Management Information Systems specializing in Business Intelligence. And I haven't even added the "Bachelor of Science Major in ..." thing.

MORAL: Source codes and automated elections, people are still unsure on the use of Information Technology for the elections. They still opt to have manual elections because they said automated elections can still be cheated and tampered. Really now. Even though post-election headlines usually bear, "Dinaya ako!" or "I was cheated by (insert opponent's name here)!" Seriously, people still prefer manual elections? Can't blame them, but give automated elections a chance.

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hyubs said...

yang elections, parang enlistment sa AISIS ba yan... kasalanan ng mga MIS na naman. haha...