Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Present IT

AVP for Document Management

AVP for Projects

VP for Externals

Have you ever been part of a school organization? Well, I'm an officer in our organization and we're promoting a new thing for all the projects we do. The project officers have to present their plans and updates to the management officers. Mark, my blockmate and also the AVP for Member Development, is fond of whipping up these caricatures of people around. It's his way of spacing out. He did a lot of caricatures and comic strips during our 6-unit Calculus class. We were seatmates and yes, I bore witness to all of the wasted tuition fee great stuff he has drawn. We even composed a song instead of listening to every detail of Calculus. Dang, Calculus took much of our lives!

Anyway, after every presentation is the much awaited question and answer portion. There were a lot of questions and clarifications so I guess Mark spaced out again. Then he drew those beside him, the AVP for Projects and VP for Externals who asked a lot of questions, and the AVP for Document Management who was going haywire.

Good job for the project officers, though! The AVPs were just weird a while ago. Haha.

MORAL: Any meeting after the duration goes beyond the set time usually drops the "attentive percentage" from 90% to as low as 10%. So, be strict with the time. Start on time, end on time.

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bottomline, excited ako sa IT Week.