Thursday, September 24, 2009


Last time, my dad asked me about source codes because Bandila had a segment about it pertaining to the automated election. I was grilled about source code, giving the definition, some examples, and all the analogies I could think of. Then, when the issue of RFID sprouted like mushrooms, I was in the spotlight once again. We did an RFID project for our OJT/practicum. Hey, it wasn't the same as going to Makati or some office everyday wearing corporate attire, but the experience was asymptotic. Well, who had the experience of being looked from head to toe by your visitor and questioning if you're really having practicum because you're just wearing shorts and slippers. HAHA. Yeah, I did that! We worked in school and in my groupmate's house. I felt how it was being a vagabond. It's really tough. So there, my course became useful for my dad already. He's getting information from me. RFIDs? I explained what they are, what they can do, their pros and cons. I feel so intelligent I'm like obese already.

First, source codes.
Next, RFIDs.
What's next?

MORAL: I now believe everything happens for a reason and the time when you realize that is just not now.

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