Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sign the Birthday Card

Last time, I asked the officers in our organization to "sign the birthday card" for someone. So I gave the card to one VP and they'll SIGN the birthday card. Guess what I got at the end of the day.

Their freaking signatures. Haha. Really, I was surprised that they thought they're celebrities for that person to want their signatures. I had a good laugh and oh, the person never got his birthday card. No one even wrote Happy Birthday. o_o

MORAL: Do not underestimate the understanding of student-leaders. Clarify instructions. Okay? Ok.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Circus Jeepney

Last night, I had high hopes for today. I envisioned a cool cloudy weather that's perfect for walking. I would buy gummy bears first then go to school with a blank DVD for Windows 7. Then I'll submit the softcopy of our project documentation, copy the complete 2nd season of The Big Bang Theory from a friend, and have...some fun? No, I was thinking of frozen yogurt hopping. Compare all the frozen yogurts and all. Well, I have to push that to some other time because nothing happened as envisioned.

What really happened is that I woke up almost lunch time, the sun was scorching, and came to school to find out that the tech support was not in their office. I even brought my laptop and 2 external HDDs with me. Haaay. Good thing I got a free ride home from a friend. When we were in Santolan already, traffic was eeeevil so I volunteered to ride a jeepney because our house is not that far anyway so why not.

The few times I ride a jeepney I attract bad vibes. I rode a jeepney with only 6 other passengers, 5 adults (inclusive of 1very pregnant lady) and 1 kid. Then we had a Boom Boom Pow moment. Along the intersection, the driver stepped on the brake pedal while on the 3rd gear. I'm not sure on that but it just means that he's driving real fast then hit the brakes all of a sudden. The kid did a dolphin dive (or was it a front roll?), and I saw the pregnant lady lie down in the seat like she took a 2-second nap. Whatever happened, it was too fast and the result was a crying kid, a very angry parent, a defensive driver, and a hyperventilating pregnant lady.

I looked back and saw skid marks. I swear the driver wants to be a drifter.

MORAL: Life is an adventure, commuting is a roller coaster. Things happen in a blink of an eye. I was worried for the preggers and the kidders. Really.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

Another post drafted last October 13, 2009, at 3:37am. Zombie mode gave me a lot of entries saved.

Finally, a storm-devastated-related post.

I was listening to Coldplay's Strawberry Swing song and the cover of The Beatles' Strawberry Fields Forever in the movie Across the Universe and I suddenly remembered Baguio's Strawberry Fields and how beautiful it is. My sister has never been to Baguio, she claims being there when you're 2 years old doesn't count, so for her, she has NEVER been to Baguio. The song is not a happy one, and neither does the scene of Baguio's Strawberry Fields at present. The luscious red ocean of strawberries in the cool temperature of Baguio is going to be but a distant memory now. A postcard you want to preserve in your mind.

My friend said, "Baguio, will never be the same." I added in the most unusual optimistic me, "It will never be the same again because it'll definitely be better."

Strange, but I have faith.

MORAL: There would always be forces greater than us.

Nagtatampo Ka Ba?

Drafted last October 13, 2009 and I just got to post this now.

Two of the "benta" questions I suddenly thought of are "Nag-aaway ba tayo?" and "Nagtatampo ka ba?" Come to think of it if you really are sulking because of someone and that someone asks you "nagtatampo ka ba?" it's like a 3-punch combination to your face! You've been feeling bad for something someone did intentionally or unintentionally then that person doesn't get it. Doesn't get why you're feeling sucky, why you're sulking, why you're exerting effort to feel pissed off. The worst part is that this person did it and doesn't get it.

Same thing for "nag-aaway ba tayo?" because sheesh, c'mon! Were you just yakking on and on about nothing?

Could be that people are too dumb, too numb, or just insensitive.

MORAL: Actions speak louder than words but sometimes plain assumptions are wrong. There's a 50-50 chance of getting it right (if someone's sulking), but it's a 100% that things won't be the same again.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Adopted Sleeping Breaks

Last night, I never felt so much pressure into sleeping.

When I got home, my sister, mom, dad, yayas, hmm, almost everyone kept on asking me, "What time are you going to sleep? Do you have plans on sleeping? You know you should be taking Stresstabs or those multivitamins regularly."

Thanks for the concern. This is one of those times when pressure feels genuinely good.


There are those acronym sites that share short stories - FML, MLIA, GMH, etc. Just search for them if you want to know what the acronyms stand for, to read the stories, or just to waste time. I came across this one while testing the Internet connection of those mobile Internet kits (I'm using the Globe Visibility one at present)

Today, my teacher was telling us a story about her friend's adopted son and how he got picked on for it. One day at school a boy went up to him and said, "I came from my mommy's tummy, where did you come from?" knowing the boy was adopted. His response? "I came from my mommy's heart." He was 6 years old at the time. This GMH

When I read that (it was the first one when I checked), I remembered what Sushmita Sen told her kid (adopted, too). Her kid tells those who pick on her that she's (more) special because she was chosen (out of a lot of other kids). Haha. Great response if you really want to shoot down the bully. Then it brings up the issue of "unwanted" children. Ho hum.


I have been blogging a lot lately (so far I still got 3 unpublished entries) and posting a lot in Twitter. The reason is that well, I have reiterated a lot of times that I work at night and when you really NEED a break from all the thinking, typing, and reading, you'll look for other forms of leisure. You check to see who's online, well, at 4 in the morning, your relatives from half the world across are the only ones awake, you can't really watch TV, can't take a nap (because you'll end up having a 8-hour nap), and you've been eating forever. When you want to just vent out your frustrations, ideas (that are not needed for your work), and all those annoying realizations (that I've been having lately), Twitter and blogging are lifesavers.

MORAL: Reflections between 2-4am are fine, as long as you still do your work. Haaaah.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Personal Risk Management

Risk Management is the way to go! Let's have some fun this risk is sick, I want to take a ride in your disco risk! (This is a sample of trigger point #2. See Trigger Points below.)

Risk Description: Group member losing consciousness while finishing the paper.

Preventive Plan: Inject 20cc of amphetamine. Use muriatic acid as facial wash. Rinse with coffee (not decaffeinated please).

Probable Cause: Too many zombie modes. Insomnia. Gluttony. Dehydration. Illness (not mental).

Contingency Plan: Revive the member, get the document, check if the document is accurate, revive the member (if unsuccessful on first try), pray, whine, scream "May gwapo sa labas!" and if it still doesn't work, call an ambulance.

Type of Risk:
Probability - Very High
Severity - Very High

Trigger Points:
Panda eyes.
Too much "sabaw" moments in school, at home, online, offline, baah.
Person is online when you get home, still online before you log-out, and still online when you wake-up.

MORAL: Life is like Choc-Nut. Yum! (This is another sample of trigger point #2. See Trigger Points above.)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cogeo Station

There's always a balance. My day started well, got zapped in the middle part, and I'm still waiting for the good news. I know it'll come. Though, the interesting one is that people really say the funniest things when they don't intend it to.

I overheard during my LRT-2 ride a while ago 2 homos talking to each other.
G1: Yung boyfriend ko ngayon, kabaligtaran ng ex ko.
G2: Ay ganun. Ano ba ex mo, babae?
G1: Ewan ko sayo.
G2: Sunod na station na ako.
G1: Ano ka ba, sabay kaya tayo bababa!
G2: Oo nga pala noh, Cubao ka rin.
G1: Saan mo ako gusto pababain?! Sa Cogeo?! Bruhang 'to!
*NOTE: There's no Cogeo Station.

I was trying my best not to laugh. (I wasn't utilizing my iPod at this point.)

My silver flash drive is nowhere in sight. It kind of contains really important stuff and if I lose it, my head is going to be on the chopping block and 16 people will chant "Kill" endlessly. So Yaya Belle asked her sister, Yaya Susan, "Nakita mo ba yung parang silver ni Mei na ginaganito *does an insert action* sa computer? Yung mahaba?"
Sanny's reply, "Ah yun ba? Hindi eh."

MORAL: I live on these simple moments. Funny how they make me happy even for a while. Whoever said commuting is boring must burn. That's one of the things I like in commuting, there's always a surprise. Even though surprises could include PDA, ghetto dudes, grumpy people, wailing kids, and suspicious looking people.

Colds and Monsters || Postpaid Ads

I still have colds. I'm doing my best to say "Pika" before I sneeze. Someone's going to form a habit.


Kapag postpaid ka, most likely nakatatanggap ka ng mga Text Ads na nakaiinis. Mga cash loan, mga pampapayat, mga halogen lights, mga gamot, mga pampalaki ng piling bahagi ng katawan *ubo*, at iba-iba pang produkto. Ka-badtrip. Kapag naka-Unlimited Globe-Globe texting ako, nirereplyan ko sila ng "CHEH!" Cool ako eh.

MORAL: Hindi na uso ang privacy ngayon. Actually, nasa Tumblr ko yung dalawang yan. Trip ko lang ilagay dito. Oh yeah.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Virtual Social Wars

Yahoo! Messenger
Blog (via Blogspot)

I hope it ends there.

I have always claimed to be not a fan of all these social networking sites and all the latest shebangs in the Internet. I've had my blog since I was a baby but posted entries then were as often as leap years. I ditched Friendster when I was in my sophomore-junior year in high school. Okay, honestly my account got blocked and I swore I won't revive my account there again. I signed up for Multiply because we needed it for one of my class in college - freshie year, and everyone got Multiply in Ateneo. It's still working as a repository of photos, which is like its only purpose now. Facebook? I made one just for accepting/confirming people who keep on sending those invites. However, Facebook is the main thing right now, the reigning champion in all of these virtual social networking in the Internet even in third world. Tumblr was born because of my uncontrollable banters, one-liners, and all. Tumblr allows easy reposting/reblogging of whatever other people already posted, which is not my type. Then Twitter. I have a Twitter account before, but deleted it because of forgotten reasons. Now, Twitter is there if you're the ultimate quidnunc (CHISMOSA), fangirl, stalker, or whatever. I revived my dormant Twitter account when a new friend's account proved to be really, really interesting. And now, since I have Twitter in my phone, I can update there as fast as I can say "Wow." Twitter just shows how eccentric and hyper I am.

It still amazes me how I can post different content for the sites I usually update at present (Twitter, Blog, Tumblr).

MORAL: If you always go with the flow, you're nothing more than a dead fish.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Eclipsing Ganymede

This is the sample output file when I ran the project for Hibernate part of our Contemporary Database class.

Lady Gaga
I'm making the world creepier!
There is a Gaga in all of us.
Kanye West
Yo, yo, yo, Taylor!
Imma let you finish but Beyonce got the best video!
Beyonce forever!
Taylor Swift
Kanye, yo yo your face!
I'm so white, I'm racist!

MORAL: Why are there different versions of Eclipse? Ganymede is one of the 63 confirmed moons of Jupiter and is the largest one in the solar system. Ganymede is also a mythological character who's considered as the most attractive of the mortals and was abducted by Zeus to serve as a cupbearer to the gods and as Zeus's beloved (READ: someone who's in a love relationship with another man). Thanks, Wikipedia, for polluting my mind.

On Lace Living in McDo Katipunan

Me: siguro pag nandiyan ka

Me: yung mga nasa cashier

Me: "Hi Ma-. Ay, kaw na naman."

Lace Lofranco: =))

Me: hindi enthusiastic pag nakita ka

Lace Lofranco: kilala na nga ata ako nung taga linis ng mga tables... hahaha

Me: =))

Lace Lofranco: one time pinapasok ako sa kahit "temporarily closed"... hahaha


Lace Lofranco: ung isang area

Me: that's super fun!!!

MORAL: If you always stay in one place (let's say in a fastfood establishment that is open 24 hours), have memorized the store's playlist which has a high probability of making you go bonkers, fall asleep there then wake up to see people eating breakfast already, congrats, you're just like my blockmate!

Run, Before Chuck Norris Finds You

I thought it was just a joke but it's the real deal!
In Google,
Type: Find Chuck Norris
Hit/Click: I'm Feeling Lucky


MORAL: Chuck Norris is everywhere.

IM Alone

I told myself and just posted it in my status message in Yahoo! Messenger a few nights ago that I won't be clicking on people's names then chat with them. I'll reply only if someone sends me a message first and I thought it would be easy. There were times that I've typed messages 5-pages long then delete everything because I'm not supposed to be IM-ing people. Why? What's up with this weirdness?

I just feel like it.

I'm a sucker for social experiments and feeling-Philosophical things that aren't really Philosophical in nature and can't be considered social experiments. I guess I am just that neurotic.

I'm kind of being half-meant-true emotional this sem. I'm thinking if I'm just wasting other people's time when I double click their names and fire away. I don't chat or buzz those with busy signs okay? I just thought that maybe I just type so much or share too much stories, so maybe it's about time I learn to shut up even just virtually. Would people double click my name and send a message instead (of me doing otherwise)? Sheesh. Emo, much.

Then I remember what happened to me when I was in highschool as well, also in my senior year. I don't like to associate it with my senior year but I guess I want to look what difference have I made from highschool and college when dealing with people. I'm just not too familiar with being too close with people. There were times when I ask that if you can't have relatives as your maid-of-honor, to whom would you give the title? And, will that person accept it? I guess I'm with those who have a million acquaintances but few close friends. I personally prefer the other road, fewer friends but the relationship is intense. Boohoo. (If I get married, I'd probably just ditch the whole maid-of-honor thing.)

What if I really have to be in contact with someone? There's cellphone, there's e-mail, or even there's such a thing as sending a message in Facebook. (You're surprised?!)

I told a few blockmates about this, one thought I'm having technical difficulties (because YM is prone to crashing on you especially when you really need it) or something. Well, it's emotional difficulties, baby.

MORAL: There's no real time for reflection. Some things strike you when you least expect it to. Just like while doing your project. It's annoying but sometimes you can't help it. I'll admire you if you can control that. "Please, no sudden realizations while I'm working real hard in my academics!" Ohh, I think that's called focus. I guess I must focus more. Dang.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Bloggers Change, Too

In my blog, dati laging funny yung posts ko (or I think they are), ngayon hindi na. Boo. Mas conyo-neurotic intelligent na (WEH). Kasi ganito, para maging funny or benta ang isang bagay, maglalagay ka ng description sa isang bagay. Basta exaggerate the description and magsingit ng nonsense na hirit. Humahaba lang ang blog entry mo.


Grabe yung nakita kong babae sa TV. Super payat hindi mo na malaman kung chopsticks ba yun or legs or arms. Yung tipong pag nagsuot ng bangles eh didirecho sa kilikili niya. Tapos sa sobrang pointy ng buto eh mabubutas na yung leggings. Did I say grabe na ba? Ay nako, dapat hindi nag-eendorse yan ng vitamins.

Pero bakit ngayon hindi na ako funny? Ewan. Siguro kasi uso na yung straight to the point. Alam ko mga mahahabang post eh kadalasa'y pilit yung funny-effect. Maraming ganun. Promise. Ako? Nagbago na ako. Minsan puro hirit, minsan naman, hammer the nail! Straight to the point! Walang make paliguy-ligoy! Pero if funny ka talaga, pare, clown ka.

Ang uso na lang ngayon, conyo at sabaw.

Akala mo funny, yun pala hindi.

MORAL: People change, intentions change, things change, climate change.

Submerged Phone

SuperSecret: alam mo ba nasubmerge sa weewee ung cellphone ko nung wednesday pero ayos na ngayon 1600 binayad ko

Dyosa: =))


SuperSecret: i know

Dyosa: ano nangyari

Dyosa: pano mo pinulot?

SuperSecret: eh di kinuha ko lng ng kamay ko

SuperSecret: habang nagmumura

SuperSecret: hahahaha

SuperSecret: no choice na eh. buti na lng di ko naflush

Dyosa: K

Dyosa: sa school or sa bahay?

SuperSecret: kasi nung wednesday pagod na pagod nako. 5am-6pm ako andun, nagCR ako di ko napansin nahulog na pala sa bulsa ko at nashoot na dun

SuperSecret: sa admu

SuperSecret: sa CR ng covcourts

SuperSecret: hahahaha

SuperSecret: kasama ko si *toot*

SuperSecret: tapos sobrang tagal ko sa loob ng cubicle

SuperSecret: kinatok na niya ako "SuperSecret, are you okay?"

Dyosa: anong kasinungalingan sinabi mo

SuperSecret: sagot ko: *silence* "umm.. i'm fine.."

SuperSecret: "sandali lang.. you can go ahead if you want"

SuperSecret: pero inantay niya ko

Dyosa: lumabas ka?!

SuperSecret: kaya no choice basta binalot ko lang ng tissue tapos tinago ko na

Dyosa: ng.. wet hands.

Dyosa: K

SuperSecret: nagpunas ako tissue. tapos inantay niya pa tlga ako ang tagal tagal ko naghugas

SuperSecret: nagtaka na siguro pero hindi na siya nagtanong

SuperSecret: tapos todo alcohol

SuperSecret: hay buhay

Dyosa: i have something to tell you


Dyosa: wag kna sumama kadiri ka

Dyosa: BEST STORY ever.


Dyosa: i won't borrow your phone EVER

Dyosa: =))

Dyosa: hindi mo binanlawan?

SuperSecret: sorry lang

SuperSecret: dapat babasain ko ulit kaso ano ba baka hindi na mabuhay

SuperSecret: pinunasan ko alcohol pag-uwi ko

SuperSecret: bawat corner

Dyosa: ano sabi ng nanay at mga kapatid mo

SuperSecret: eh di EEEEEEEEWWWW



Dyosa: K

SuperSecret: nanghiram ako ng phone kay *toot*

SuperSecret: un pa iniisip ko "shucks baka may nagttxt na sakin"

SuperSecret: pero ok naman naayos din

SuperSecret: hindi nga namin sinabi sa repairman

SuperSecret: na sa weewee nasubmerge

SuperSecret: basta ganito lang: ano problema? nabasa po

SuperSecret: yun binalikan namin after a day naayos naman

SuperSecret: pinatuyo daw nila tapos may pinalitang piyesa

SuperSecret: J

Dyosa: K

Dyosa: you're legendary

Dyosa: my respect for you got multiplied by 200,000

MORAL: GOSH. Sorry SuperSecret. This is too funny NOT to share.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Single and Available

I saw this in a friend's blog and the first thing that came to my mind when I saw (not read) it was: TOO MANY WORDS. Apparently, it's super worth the time and effort! It's not a dragging post and it'll crack you up at some point.


SINGLE: Minsan ayos lang kase free na free ka gawin kung ano ang gusto mo o kaya makakapunta ka kung saan mo gusto pumunta pero kung minsan, lalo na't malamig ang hanging o kya maganda ung view, magwiwish ka na sana may yumayakap sa yo, hahalikan ka sa noo at tititignan ka ng parang ikaw na ata ang pinakamagandang babae sa mundo. nakakamiss yun.

kaya heto, susubukan ko bilangin ang mga dahilan kung bakit single pa tayo. Gaano katagal na ba tayo walang nagiging boyfriend?

1. Masyadong independent
baka naman masyado mo napoproject na kaya mong mabuhay ng wala silang lahat, ayan tuloy parang hindi nila maramdaman na kailangan mo rin sila kaya dun nalang sila sa taong tingin nila ay magkakaron sila ng silbi.

2. Mataas ang standards mo

siguro hindi na natanggal sa isip mo ung pangarap mo nung bata ka pa. aba, kelangan mo na gumising sa katotohanan na walang ideal guy. ok cge, kung makita mo nga ung hinahanap mo na gwapong matalino na mayaman na mabait pero nung nakasama mo naman eh nakita mo hindi pala pantay ang kuko niya sa hinlalaki o kaya naman sobrang bad breath niya sa umaga o kaya naman daig pa ang tambucho sa lakas manigarilyo...oh eh di turn-off ka na? kung lahat ng tao ay katulad mo na mataas ang standards, malamang wala ng magboyfriend at maggirlfriend ngayon. puro friends nalang.


MORAL: Well, sometimes being single is a choice. I don't want to believe in "waiting for Mr. Right," because you'll decide if you're going to make someone, the right one. Well, you could argue with me on this.

Sooner or Later, Everything Comes and Goes

I have been waiting for Michelle Branch's new album Everything Comes and Goes since February and then its release got pushed to November. The agony of waiting for it. Well, time flies by especially when you're stressed out in school and she just had the premiere of her new music video for Sooner or Later which would take a day for her team to upload in YouTube. I'll post the video here once it becomes available in YouTube because the vid's not available for international viewers in her site (boo!). Still amazing, though. Here's some part of the lyrics (I just typed the parts I want people to read) and yes, sooner or later, you'll be wishing you had me. Take that, freak!

Yeah you talk, talk all you want, you pour your heart out
But you never do see, you never do see me

Ooh, I can't wait forever for you

Sooner or later
You're gonna come around and you'll be sorry
When you figure out
That I was always everything that you needed
Sooner or later you're gonna wish you had me
Yeah, you're gonna wish you had me

Lipstick, pretty face, and maybe you'll notice something
Different 'bout me, different 'bout me

MORAL: Michelle Branch is still the best policy. Amen to that! Nice lyrics, nice melody. Good decision to release this as a single over This Way. Sweet.

Meanwhile here's the acoustic version and let it melt you.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Chinese Lesson c/o Stancy

Stancy: Mei, Mei.
Stancy: 妹妹
Me: !$#!%$%^ ka rin
Stancy: WTF.
Stancy: =))
Stancy: That's your nickname kasi in Chinese.
Stancy: "mei-mei".
Me: ._.

Now, you learn two things about me. 1.) My nickname's Mei-Mei (which I eventually shortened to Mei) and 2.) I can't read/understand Chinese-related stuff.

MORAL: Search before you react.