Friday, October 02, 2009

Chinese Lesson c/o Stancy

Stancy: Mei, Mei.
Stancy: 妹妹
Me: !$#!%$%^ ka rin
Stancy: WTF.
Stancy: =))
Stancy: That's your nickname kasi in Chinese.
Stancy: "mei-mei".
Me: ._.

Now, you learn two things about me. 1.) My nickname's Mei-Mei (which I eventually shortened to Mei) and 2.) I can't read/understand Chinese-related stuff.

MORAL: Search before you react.


Mark Bautista said...

masyado yata maigsi ang 妹妹 para maging @#$%^%$#@! haha

rO.ot said...

Well, alam mo naman si Stancy, sineseryoso hirits ko. :))