Monday, October 19, 2009

Circus Jeepney

Last night, I had high hopes for today. I envisioned a cool cloudy weather that's perfect for walking. I would buy gummy bears first then go to school with a blank DVD for Windows 7. Then I'll submit the softcopy of our project documentation, copy the complete 2nd season of The Big Bang Theory from a friend, and have...some fun? No, I was thinking of frozen yogurt hopping. Compare all the frozen yogurts and all. Well, I have to push that to some other time because nothing happened as envisioned.

What really happened is that I woke up almost lunch time, the sun was scorching, and came to school to find out that the tech support was not in their office. I even brought my laptop and 2 external HDDs with me. Haaay. Good thing I got a free ride home from a friend. When we were in Santolan already, traffic was eeeevil so I volunteered to ride a jeepney because our house is not that far anyway so why not.

The few times I ride a jeepney I attract bad vibes. I rode a jeepney with only 6 other passengers, 5 adults (inclusive of 1very pregnant lady) and 1 kid. Then we had a Boom Boom Pow moment. Along the intersection, the driver stepped on the brake pedal while on the 3rd gear. I'm not sure on that but it just means that he's driving real fast then hit the brakes all of a sudden. The kid did a dolphin dive (or was it a front roll?), and I saw the pregnant lady lie down in the seat like she took a 2-second nap. Whatever happened, it was too fast and the result was a crying kid, a very angry parent, a defensive driver, and a hyperventilating pregnant lady.

I looked back and saw skid marks. I swear the driver wants to be a drifter.

MORAL: Life is an adventure, commuting is a roller coaster. Things happen in a blink of an eye. I was worried for the preggers and the kidders. Really.

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