Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nagtatampo Ka Ba?

Drafted last October 13, 2009 and I just got to post this now.

Two of the "benta" questions I suddenly thought of are "Nag-aaway ba tayo?" and "Nagtatampo ka ba?" Come to think of it if you really are sulking because of someone and that someone asks you "nagtatampo ka ba?" it's like a 3-punch combination to your face! You've been feeling bad for something someone did intentionally or unintentionally then that person doesn't get it. Doesn't get why you're feeling sucky, why you're sulking, why you're exerting effort to feel pissed off. The worst part is that this person did it and doesn't get it.

Same thing for "nag-aaway ba tayo?" because sheesh, c'mon! Were you just yakking on and on about nothing?

Could be that people are too dumb, too numb, or just insensitive.

MORAL: Actions speak louder than words but sometimes plain assumptions are wrong. There's a 50-50 chance of getting it right (if someone's sulking), but it's a 100% that things won't be the same again.

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