Thursday, October 15, 2009

Personal Risk Management

Risk Management is the way to go! Let's have some fun this risk is sick, I want to take a ride in your disco risk! (This is a sample of trigger point #2. See Trigger Points below.)

Risk Description: Group member losing consciousness while finishing the paper.

Preventive Plan: Inject 20cc of amphetamine. Use muriatic acid as facial wash. Rinse with coffee (not decaffeinated please).

Probable Cause: Too many zombie modes. Insomnia. Gluttony. Dehydration. Illness (not mental).

Contingency Plan: Revive the member, get the document, check if the document is accurate, revive the member (if unsuccessful on first try), pray, whine, scream "May gwapo sa labas!" and if it still doesn't work, call an ambulance.

Type of Risk:
Probability - Very High
Severity - Very High

Trigger Points:
Panda eyes.
Too much "sabaw" moments in school, at home, online, offline, baah.
Person is online when you get home, still online before you log-out, and still online when you wake-up.

MORAL: Life is like Choc-Nut. Yum! (This is another sample of trigger point #2. See Trigger Points above.)

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jac said...

sobrang benta nung "MAY GWAPO SA LABAAAAAAS!". para kay apple ba yun? hahahahaha