Friday, October 09, 2009

Virtual Social Wars

Yahoo! Messenger
Blog (via Blogspot)

I hope it ends there.

I have always claimed to be not a fan of all these social networking sites and all the latest shebangs in the Internet. I've had my blog since I was a baby but posted entries then were as often as leap years. I ditched Friendster when I was in my sophomore-junior year in high school. Okay, honestly my account got blocked and I swore I won't revive my account there again. I signed up for Multiply because we needed it for one of my class in college - freshie year, and everyone got Multiply in Ateneo. It's still working as a repository of photos, which is like its only purpose now. Facebook? I made one just for accepting/confirming people who keep on sending those invites. However, Facebook is the main thing right now, the reigning champion in all of these virtual social networking in the Internet even in third world. Tumblr was born because of my uncontrollable banters, one-liners, and all. Tumblr allows easy reposting/reblogging of whatever other people already posted, which is not my type. Then Twitter. I have a Twitter account before, but deleted it because of forgotten reasons. Now, Twitter is there if you're the ultimate quidnunc (CHISMOSA), fangirl, stalker, or whatever. I revived my dormant Twitter account when a new friend's account proved to be really, really interesting. And now, since I have Twitter in my phone, I can update there as fast as I can say "Wow." Twitter just shows how eccentric and hyper I am.

It still amazes me how I can post different content for the sites I usually update at present (Twitter, Blog, Tumblr).

MORAL: If you always go with the flow, you're nothing more than a dead fish.

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