Sunday, November 22, 2009

Glee - It Brings Joy

I didn't have Internet for what seemed to me like 3 years. It didn't help me at all especially now that everything revolves in the virtual community. I was typing all my shiz in Twitter and in Notepad (yes, this was the most used app in my computer). As I checked my saved Notes, I forgot to put one important thing: date.

So now, I have one file of all these "blog entries" I saved and I don't know the date when I barfed those words!

Here's the first in my list.


You know those tv series most people download every week or just copy from their friends' hard disk?

Those tv series they tirelessly gush and talk about night and day?

Yeah. The latest catastrophe is Glee. Everyone's all about it and chat up about how great it is over cafeteria food. They keep on asking each other if they have watched the latest episode and they all agree on how amazing it was. Topics of the conversation mostly include the choice of songs and who's cuter.

I used to be one of those who painfully wait every week to download the latest episode of the gazillion tv series I watch.

Then I had a change of heart and became one of those who wait at the end of the term then copy the episodes or buy a compiled dvd from the local movie pirates.

The series is amazing if you're into music. Even if you hated High School Musical or if you secretly love it, you'll go for Glee. So far, it can deliver your expectations, I just don't think this series will last because of all that production number and well the storyline's somewhat weak, but who knows? Who knows?

MORAL: Okay, Finn is as lame as (a retarded) Nick Lachey but I don't judge. You don't have to wait for the series every week for the story, you'll want it every week eagerly waiting to be surprised with the next mash-up or whatever song Rachel is going to murder. Let's go, Cheerios! Is high school really that lame?


Mark Bautista said...

Glee was just supposed to be an underdog movie patterned to the likes of Bring It On, Bring It On 2, and Bring It On Again. ( :| ) So I'm not surprised if everyone is saying that the plot is pretty weak and is for only one season. Watch Sister Act 2 if you want to see what it would've been like if Glee was a movie (well, minus the teen-pregnancy and the wasted Slushies)

Atsaka in-admit ng cast, Glee is anti Highschool Musical :))

rO.ot said...

I don't think people watch Glee for the story anyway (they watch it for Puck and Quinn, joke!). I think hindi lang siya tatagal kasi well, production takes too much resources (time, effort, and money). If the record companies charge high for the licensing fees, Glee will die a musical death. :|