Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nandoon Kaya Ako?!

Drafted last October 15, 2009, at 1:39am. Tears in my mind how I write too much in the wee hours.

It's starting to annoy me already because it has been happening a lot of times, that I vocally wish people I want to be with WERE with me, just to realize or remember that they were with me during that moment all along.

Example 1:
Me: Ang ganda ng (insert movie title here), pinanood namin nila (insert other people's name here). Sana napanood mo rin.
Friend: *looks at me weirdly* Ano ba, magkatabi kaya tayo sa sinehan?!

Example 2:
Me: Hmm, depende pa kasi sa mga groupmates ko eh.
Groupmate: Diba groupmates tayo?
Me: Oh... Yeah...
Groupmate: *shows a WTF?! face*

Example 3:
Me: Ay may kwento ako sayo. Sa (insert subject here) class ko dati, may isang girl na (insert a really funny or memorable event here). Grabe noh.
Classmate: Oo nga eh. Tapos sabi mo (insert what you said here).
Me: Yeah! Sinabi ko yun! Paano mo...*starts slowing down upon realization*
Classmate: Yups. Classmates tayo.
Me: Ah...*thinks of other words to salvage self*
Classmate: *nods incessantly* Seatmates tayo.

Example 4:
Me: Eh kasi wala ka nung party eh. Umuuwi ka kaagad.
Friend: WTF.
Me: Huh?
Friend: Nandoon kaya ako! Sa akin niyo pa nga grinab yung pictures niyo?!
Me: Oh crap, onga.
Friend: *gives another WTF look*

Example 5:
Friend: Onga eh, naalala ko yung hindi nadudumihan na pants ni Megan Fox.
Me: Napanood mo na yung Transformers 2?! Second day palang ngayon ah.
Friend: *gives me a straight face*
Me: Oh yeah. *remembers friend was there when we watched on the first day*

And I never learn.

Example 6:
Me: Naaalala mo yung nasa (insert details here)? Noong (insert more details here)? Ayan ah, di na kita nakalimutan.
Friend: Yeah.
Me: *wonders the cold response*
Friend: Kaso wala ako nun.
Me: Oh crap.

MORAL: I just hope people would think it's done intentionally, maybe like a joke, ice breaker, or something. Sad thing is that I really forgot. Noooo. Next time I'll super duper think or ransack my memory first before I share stories. Vocally wishing people into your stories is not good, well for me, at least. I have seen a lot of eyeball-rolling, WTF facial expressions, and all those poker faces Lady Gaga would be so proud.

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