Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vain, Blamed, and Unappreciated

Another post typed during my Internet-free deprived days.

Apparently Not All Ateneans Are Intelligent

I would always have the pleaser inside of me. I am a pleaser, or well, I used to be one. I won't be able to sleep at night if at the back of my mind I think I somehow misaligned another person's solar system. However, being part of a group and leading the people here to infinity and beyond, there is no place for a pleaser. How many times have you heard of "you can't please everybody" and those "if you can't please yourself, you can't please anybody" words of wisdom? Through the years I was in denial that I am a pleaser, but in this line I chose, having not a pleasing personality but the pleaser-type of personality is deadly. It would be so stressful you'll just rip your hair off and donate it to cancer patients instead. You'll wash your face with coffee and go crazy thinking of nothing in particular.

Then I began to hope. Now that I can really say that I can't please everybody, I found the beauty of hope. Hoping that one day, when those kids get a year (or 2) older, their perspectives will change for the better - that they will realize that the Executive Board actually planned for things to happen, that we're not just waiting for the Global Financial Crisis to extinguish it's damaging flame, and we did not just release some prints as an opportunity for the whole body to criticize us. I'm hoping that they will see the bigger picture and not judge people by what they see at first (impressions).

Honestly, do they really think we're that dumb? Sorry but we're better than that and we're not vain, we're just that awesome normal.

MORAL: We won't always reach out. Meet us halfway, dearies. I do not want to lose hope to those next in line. I think they're taking in too much alcohol.

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