Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Twalat Entry

This was drafted for the purpose of ending the "Think Green" phase of my life that started during the Planning/Evaluation Seminar (plevsem) of our organization. It was just a bonus that the rules were edited in a way that Filipino entries were accepted. Anything in Filipino feels different. It has that effect.
Kung anuman ang mababasa mo, isinasabi ko na sa iyo, ay sariling pakahulugan (interpretation) mo na. Pawang talinghaga lamang ang mga ito at naisulat dahil ayaw ng may-akda gumawa ng isang kailanganin (requirement) sa PolSci. Mahaba-haba ito, good luck.

Hindi ako nagsulat nito. Pinapaalala ko lang. Kapitbahay namin. Ipinadala lang niya sa akin.

Twalat - Dahil May Alat Pa Ang Twilight

Malakas na hinampas ni Bella ang pinto ng kanyang sasakyan.Mainit ang ulo ni Bella, naba-badtrip dahi sa kung anu-anong dahilan, kesyo masiyadong makinang si Edward kapag naaarawan at palagi nilang pinag-aawayan ang patuloy na pagtanong ni Edward sa kanya ng, “Bella, nakakain ka na ba?” sabay kindat at ngisi. Sa sobrang inis ni Bella ay napasigaw siya ng malakas na “Gusto ko na talagang makakain! Gutom na ako gusto ko ng karne! At gusto ko sabay tayong kumain, Edward!” sa isang imaginary na Edward sa school parking lot. Hinihingal pa siya sa paglabas ng kanyang sama ng loob.

“69 tayo!”
“69! ‘Yan ang grade natin sa Biology exam.”

Masakit ang tingin ni Bella sa kaibigan. Biglang tumunog ang cellphone niya, “…I want to take a ride in your disco stick…”

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meet Ana, Swiper, and Moses

You know how some (or most) people give names to inanimate objects? I guess we have this thing for naming anything. We give our pets names, ranging from the really visual Blackie, Whitey, Brownie, to the outer space with Mars, Andromeda, and U100. Well, pets are not the only ones baptized with names these days. Things that have great value to someone are best candidates for a name. Phones, wristwatches, stuffed toys, retainers, shoes, music players, laptops, etc., name it, it has been named.

Phone: Ana
I've always been dependent on a to-do list. I like lists but I dislike remembering what to do next. So, an organizer is heaven-sent for me. In high school, I'm fine with a tickler. In college, dang it! My tickler style is not working its magic anymore! When I got a new phone, I chose a smartphone and it became my PDA - personal digital alalay. Ugh. After it was stolen, I was thinking of having a reunion with my paper friends but just like some relationships, it just didn't click. The high school bond we had was gone, planners and myself just don't have that same old chemistry anymore. Papers revolted against me and offered me to the machines. And now, I'm dependent on my smartphone, with its alarms, notes, remote control capabilities, Internet features, and all. Oh, and why Ana? It's short for ANAL. As in anal-retentive.

Laptop: Swiper
When I lost Alexander, I felt so sad I peed peanut butter and vomited Jell-o. Duty calls and my parents are already having difficulty unclogging the drainage because of all those peanut butter, so my dad brought me to electronics galactica and told me to choose my new Terminator. I'm not really good with funky passwords and my new laptop needs to have at least a first line of defense from sneaky friends and siblings. Good thing it has this fingerprint scanner. I still have a password but regularly, I just swipe my finger (whichever I want to) and I can use my Terminator! (If you're getting confused, I call laptops Terminators because they "terminate" tasks that would've been difficult to do without it and so as "terminate" sleeping hours.)

MP3 Player: Moses
My iPod Nano has been with me since my freshman year. Shuffle doesn't give me control (I'm kind of a control freak) and iPod Video is too bulky/big for commuting. The battery is still good, the "condom" or the silicon protector really works (Moses has jumped off my bag or my pocket a few times already), and even though I have devoured a number of earphones, Moses still rocks the house. Even the Red Sea is going to have a difficult time ripping out Moses. Those 300th Generation iPod NanoVideoTouch don't glamor me. As long as my iPod still works, I'll stick to it. Commuting, waiting in line (I loathe waiting), and traffic became more tolerable with Tegan and Sara, White Lies, Boyce Avenue, and the Holy Trinity.

MORAL: Naming things is one of the greatest challenge we face. Yeah, try naming your Sims, your tribe in Virtual Villagers, your fantasy sports team, your city, your band, or your company. The first step is always the most difficult and time-consuming. What is it in a name? What is a name? Why do we love naming our things? Maybe because in a room full of commoditized somethings, screaming, "Don't die on me, Lady Gaga! I need you!" while clasping the screen of your laptop gives off a different feeling.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Freaking Notebook

"I want a notebook."
"Lenovo, Acer, or HP?"
"I was thinking more like, Moleskine, Scribe, Greenapple, Ciak, or those with leather-like strings?"
"Oh. I thought you wanted a netbook. Hihi."

You just can't say anything nowadays because you've got to have an explanation or some other answers because we're running out of generic words or common nouns for this age of innovation.

"I want a soda."
"Diet or regular?"
"..." ---> Goes on forever, including the brand, the content of sugar, the temperature, etc.

It'll be a marvel to say, "I want 120ml of Coke Zero chilled 60 degrees for an hour, poured into a smoked glass with 3 ice cubes and served with a pink straw that is bendable at the neck. Thanks."

I just want a notebook.
A notebook that is recognized by someone born 80 years ago.
Meaning, paper notebook. Not laptop-notebook.

I've always been writing something in any piece of paper I can find (I don't write on bathroom walls or wherever). I'm one of those who come up with an idea seconds or a few minutes before I fall asleep. The what-ifs that sprout out of nowhere or the next big thing to be made after the invention of the printing press. Those people who write when they don't want to study for a quiz, or wash the dishes, or when the weather is just really suitable for writing.

Moleskines are everywhere, they're becoming a culture. I'm fine with it even though their notebooks are priced like an iPod case. (I'm not a tightwad, shut your trap.) It's good they're bringing back the love for notebooks and actually writing or drawing or practically the use of pen and paper. Yeah, they emanate the typical artist aura - hungry (because one small notebook has the same price as your dinner), creative, quality over quantity thing.
It doesn't work for me.
I just want to write.
I don't want to write on golden paper.

I've been targeting the fillers I have at home, leftovers from the packs and packs I bought in the past for high school quizzes. However, I just can't stuff them in my bag because after a day or so in my life, they look like recycled paper already and they can easily be misplaced like in case I managed to put it inside a thick book. "Where's the dang filler?!" In which case I decide to use a new one only to find out the old one was regurgitated by the encyclopedia (no, I don't read the encyclopedia anymore). I have seen Moleskine-like notebooks in bookstores, offered at less than 200 bucks. Moleskines are like Php795. I just want the long-lasting look and feel of the notebooks because after the rise of the machines (do you hear a Terminator?), someone will stumble upon one of my notebooks and read how amazing it is to be able to write something. Write not type. Longhand not...typewritten (did you seriously expect me to say shorthand?). It's like the Diary of Anne Frank. If I'm going to use it as a journal, it'll be entitled The Psycho Diaries.

Cursive, please don't die.

MORAL: If you keep everything in MS Word or in Google Docs, someday, you'll lose that part of you whether from viruses, or hard disk or server failures. 'Cause everything we write is a part of us, we're sharing our experiences (whether attained through the use of illegal drugs or not), whether to our future selves, or the servers of Google targeting you with advertisements. Gosh, I just want a notebook and write something on that notebook. What if I put my X Things to Do Before I Go Bonkers there? Hmmm...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's A Vampire Night Alright

EDIT: Here's the entry if you really want to read it. *shrivels*

I have written a couple of entries in the past about Twilight (books and movie) and all the brouhaha it brought upon us. I think in order to say something about anything and mean it, one might as well not fully depend on one's gut or hearsay (sorry gossip kings and queens). Example, if someone asks you if a movie is good or not, don't give your word on it if you haven't watched the movie. It is not a safe thing to say, "my friend's cousin's classmate said movie X is really badass!" when your friend's cousin's classmate actually said, "movie X is really as BAD AS it can get!"

Ok. That was confusing. Main point without all the covers: if you're judging a phenomenon, read or watch it first.

I commented on Twilight based on the first book and the first movie. I read the second one a few days before watching it. I haven't read the other books (I read them in e-book, don't judge) and when I actually thought of borrowing a hard copy of it, I chanced upon a contest from Jessica Zafra's website. I found the challenge hilarious because well, it really needed that part. I didn't mind the contest until after some time she posted that they accept entries in Filipino. You know how things go into a whole new dimension when translated into Filipino?
"You are lazy!"
"Ang tamad mo!" --> has more impact, right?
"Son of a bitch!"
"Putang ina mo!" --> hmm.

I submitted my entry at 2:54am a few more days after the announcement of the update on rules. How nocturnal (and crammed) is that? I felt weird. (I wrote it after typing my Political Science paper.) After I posted that (after I removed the link to my blog) I told myself enough of the double entendre already. All those hidden messages and whatever stuff we're talking about like trying to incorporate a "green meaning" into anything someone will say - has got to stop eventually (because it's becoming a habit and I don't want to laugh my head off when someone talks to me and think it's all about green jokes). Actually it all started because of the Disarming Game (rules are not to be revealed anytime soon)!

Anyway, when I saw the results, I wasn't sure if I'm going to tell other people about it, because what would I say, "I won a box set of books because I wrote a sex scene for Twilight that's actually based on a few true-to-life stories from my friends!" Or I could just say, "I won books from a raffle!" I was actually tempted to tell the latter but my sister was beside me when I saw the result.

The same day, I managed to watch a couple of True Blood episodes. (Yeah yeah some vampire tv series.) Then downloaded episodes of The Vampire Diaries just because I read that Mia Kirshner (hearts) will be part of it. True enough, The Vampire Diaries is a concoction of Twilight, The OC, Ghost Whisperer, and pretty much that. When The Vampire Diaries become too cheesy for me (Damon even looks like Chace Crawford), I switch to True Blood and then back to The Vampire Diaries when the next episode has finished downloading itself.

Pretty much vampire-ish, right?

*I would like to thank all the MIS chismosos, chismosas, and barberos for the stories (I'm actually one of the chismosas and barberos but what the heck), the Waray Warrior for her mani and for being the recipient of our ballpen/pentel pen joke, the Phone Monster for his monster-like ways, Lady Gaga for her brutal songs, my sister for helping me carry the books, and all the people behind the troubled, "seriously?", intriguing, Twilight thing.

MORAL: Is sarcasm inborn or otherwise? Sarcasm: Nature or Nurture? I want to know. If there's a cure, or a 180-degree turn from it, please give me some advice. Either way, I'm going to read the books. Then recreate the book covers.

Forever Young, Forever Cursed

Dorian Gray.

Forever young.
Forever cursed.

He's the first literary guy I've fallen in love with. Nope, Tom Sawyer nor the Hardy Boys were not my type, not that I have a type. Sherlock Holmes is too old, and vampires and/or werewolves don't appeal much to me. Sorry, Edward and Jacob.

Let's go back to my first love (that I could remember). He could play the piano (I'm a sucker for musically-inclined people) and looks like he never needs to wash his hair. He's the embodiment of a hopeless youth, peer pressured at an innocent time and lived with a twisted philosophy in life. In the movie, Ben Barnes (aka Prince Caspian) looked like our local actor Albert Martinez but that is really of no importance. Sorry graphic people, even though Dorian Gray portrayed a life of pleasure and lust, there are not much cringe-worthy-"dude, look at this!" scenes. Almost all of the "love scenes" were implied and only had minimal airtime for kissing scenes. Boohoo. If I were the actors I'd love to have more time with Ben Barnes. In whatever he does, Dorian Gray, his hair would always be magnificent, immortal, and forever combed. Yeah, sometimes it looks oily but heck. Even though he has reached the nirvana level of libido, Dorian Gray is Dorian Gray. Rich, sexy, misguided, addict, lustful, and pretty...pretty much effed up.

Dorian, oh Dorian. Let's have our portraits painted.

Where's Raphael when you need him?! Da Vinci can't paint me! He loathes eyebrows!

MORAL: Watch out for pedophiles and those Bad Influences our parents always warn us about. Most of the kids today live like Dorian Gray. I'm not saying all, but at least a good percentage are. Party 24/7! Way to go!
Dorian Gray lived a life of pleasure, which he later claimed, is different from happiness.
Some things are more precious because they don't last.
See this movie because a.) Ben Barnes is amazing, b.) it's about freaking Dorian Gray, and c.) you just need reasons A and B. It's not a stellar film adaptation of the movie, so don't get your hopes up. Another cool thing about Dorian Gray, he doesn't have to be a vampire to stay looking young, looking wow!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alienating Specialization

No man is an island, unless you bring a book because with a book, you're never alone. - Ruth

I heard the very notable quotation stated above from an influential and inspiring persona. Anyway, you notice how people utter statements that seem weird to you only to know that it's a joke based on his/her field of interest. Example, if you're a student in the field of medicine you'll probably joke about how your teacher looks like an enema or how your zygomaticus ain't working. Or if you're in the field of information technology you'll joke about network problems or about programming.

And since that's really pretty common now, people think of the association of the joke to the joker (one who delivered the joke). Sometimes we forget it's a general knowledge and not specific to any field. Let's see here. Based on a true story.

"Where's your brother?"
"Oh. He's just hibernating. Again."
"That's a computer term, right? Haha."
"Uhm, I was just referring to a bear and how they hibernate. Sleep for a long time. Right?"
"Oh. Yeah!"

MORAL: Specialization is alienating us. All of us. Really. It's breaking connection.

X Things To Do Before I Go Bonkers: What's X?

Keep your Bucket List because I will make my own X Things To Do Before I Go Bonkers. I was thinking of whether posting it here in my blog or make another one for it. My conditions are that there must be adequate testimonials and documentations like pictures, audio recordings, video clips, thumbprints, and of course, the most important thing is that I have to do it because I want to (enjoy) and not because I have to. There are a lot of things I'm already doing because I have to, and those are what make me go bonkers. Question for me is, what would X be? 100? 500? 1,000? 50? If I put too many things in the list, it would be difficult to accomplish everything and claim a big victory (though each strikethrough is a match won) but if I put too little, then what the eff is the point, because I'm going to filter things/ideas first before I do it. That's kind of lame.

Deadline for completion? You got it right, until I go bonkers.

MORAL: You don't need to have a lot of money first. "I have to save money first then proceed doing my list," is one of the most stupid things I have heard. Who said you have to complete it in one sitting?! And if you save that much, I swear you won't spend it that easily to accomplish one thing at a time. Stop eating animals, it's making people think like corporate America.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17, 2009

December 17, 2009 is so much fun I have to forget that I pissed other people off earlier or later in the day (seriously, I don't mind because it's still December 17).

This is one of those days being a president of an organization is so amazing I could cry orange juice with pulps.

Spending time with people I haven't talked to since forever, finishing one level of my favorite game, seeing Santa Claus, witnessing SciTech Cluster presidents sitting on the floor for no apparent reason, twisting their ankles, or texting weird messages, having free cut for a really boring class, having a decent quiz for another subject, and attending a light and entertaining Christmas party, this day is awesome.

And you won't bring me down. Okay.

MORAL: I'll worry about other stuff tomorrow, wherein tomorrow is equal to 12:00AM. Hello Philo Long Exam!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm Not Dead Yet

And you probably thought I have died.

I haven't written anything in a long time.

I thought I have died, too, and remained in limbo.

How's December? Well, I have dysfunctional fingers, and I have the patience of Bruce Banner.

MORAL: If there is no proof, no knowledge, no agreed truth, there is faith. I have faith this will pass.