Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alienating Specialization

No man is an island, unless you bring a book because with a book, you're never alone. - Ruth

I heard the very notable quotation stated above from an influential and inspiring persona. Anyway, you notice how people utter statements that seem weird to you only to know that it's a joke based on his/her field of interest. Example, if you're a student in the field of medicine you'll probably joke about how your teacher looks like an enema or how your zygomaticus ain't working. Or if you're in the field of information technology you'll joke about network problems or about programming.

And since that's really pretty common now, people think of the association of the joke to the joker (one who delivered the joke). Sometimes we forget it's a general knowledge and not specific to any field. Let's see here. Based on a true story.

"Where's your brother?"
"Oh. He's just hibernating. Again."
"That's a computer term, right? Haha."
"Uhm, I was just referring to a bear and how they hibernate. Sleep for a long time. Right?"
"Oh. Yeah!"

MORAL: Specialization is alienating us. All of us. Really. It's breaking connection.

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