Sunday, December 27, 2009

Forever Young, Forever Cursed

Dorian Gray.

Forever young.
Forever cursed.

He's the first literary guy I've fallen in love with. Nope, Tom Sawyer nor the Hardy Boys were not my type, not that I have a type. Sherlock Holmes is too old, and vampires and/or werewolves don't appeal much to me. Sorry, Edward and Jacob.

Let's go back to my first love (that I could remember). He could play the piano (I'm a sucker for musically-inclined people) and looks like he never needs to wash his hair. He's the embodiment of a hopeless youth, peer pressured at an innocent time and lived with a twisted philosophy in life. In the movie, Ben Barnes (aka Prince Caspian) looked like our local actor Albert Martinez but that is really of no importance. Sorry graphic people, even though Dorian Gray portrayed a life of pleasure and lust, there are not much cringe-worthy-"dude, look at this!" scenes. Almost all of the "love scenes" were implied and only had minimal airtime for kissing scenes. Boohoo. If I were the actors I'd love to have more time with Ben Barnes. In whatever he does, Dorian Gray, his hair would always be magnificent, immortal, and forever combed. Yeah, sometimes it looks oily but heck. Even though he has reached the nirvana level of libido, Dorian Gray is Dorian Gray. Rich, sexy, misguided, addict, lustful, and pretty...pretty much effed up.

Dorian, oh Dorian. Let's have our portraits painted.

Where's Raphael when you need him?! Da Vinci can't paint me! He loathes eyebrows!

MORAL: Watch out for pedophiles and those Bad Influences our parents always warn us about. Most of the kids today live like Dorian Gray. I'm not saying all, but at least a good percentage are. Party 24/7! Way to go!
Dorian Gray lived a life of pleasure, which he later claimed, is different from happiness.
Some things are more precious because they don't last.
See this movie because a.) Ben Barnes is amazing, b.) it's about freaking Dorian Gray, and c.) you just need reasons A and B. It's not a stellar film adaptation of the movie, so don't get your hopes up. Another cool thing about Dorian Gray, he doesn't have to be a vampire to stay looking young, looking wow!


Mark Bautista said...

nawawala yung book ko ng the picture of dorian gray!

pero yeah, idol ko siya - ganda kasi ng pagkaka-craft ng story e! buti na lang required reading sa amin yan nung lit13! :D

rO.ot said...

Sana may illustrated version yung book. HAHAHA.

Mark Bautista said...

hindi ba nakakatakot yun illustration ng picture niya pagdating ng latter part? :))