Monday, December 28, 2009

Freaking Notebook

"I want a notebook."
"Lenovo, Acer, or HP?"
"I was thinking more like, Moleskine, Scribe, Greenapple, Ciak, or those with leather-like strings?"
"Oh. I thought you wanted a netbook. Hihi."

You just can't say anything nowadays because you've got to have an explanation or some other answers because we're running out of generic words or common nouns for this age of innovation.

"I want a soda."
"Diet or regular?"
"..." ---> Goes on forever, including the brand, the content of sugar, the temperature, etc.

It'll be a marvel to say, "I want 120ml of Coke Zero chilled 60 degrees for an hour, poured into a smoked glass with 3 ice cubes and served with a pink straw that is bendable at the neck. Thanks."

I just want a notebook.
A notebook that is recognized by someone born 80 years ago.
Meaning, paper notebook. Not laptop-notebook.

I've always been writing something in any piece of paper I can find (I don't write on bathroom walls or wherever). I'm one of those who come up with an idea seconds or a few minutes before I fall asleep. The what-ifs that sprout out of nowhere or the next big thing to be made after the invention of the printing press. Those people who write when they don't want to study for a quiz, or wash the dishes, or when the weather is just really suitable for writing.

Moleskines are everywhere, they're becoming a culture. I'm fine with it even though their notebooks are priced like an iPod case. (I'm not a tightwad, shut your trap.) It's good they're bringing back the love for notebooks and actually writing or drawing or practically the use of pen and paper. Yeah, they emanate the typical artist aura - hungry (because one small notebook has the same price as your dinner), creative, quality over quantity thing.
It doesn't work for me.
I just want to write.
I don't want to write on golden paper.

I've been targeting the fillers I have at home, leftovers from the packs and packs I bought in the past for high school quizzes. However, I just can't stuff them in my bag because after a day or so in my life, they look like recycled paper already and they can easily be misplaced like in case I managed to put it inside a thick book. "Where's the dang filler?!" In which case I decide to use a new one only to find out the old one was regurgitated by the encyclopedia (no, I don't read the encyclopedia anymore). I have seen Moleskine-like notebooks in bookstores, offered at less than 200 bucks. Moleskines are like Php795. I just want the long-lasting look and feel of the notebooks because after the rise of the machines (do you hear a Terminator?), someone will stumble upon one of my notebooks and read how amazing it is to be able to write something. Write not type. Longhand not...typewritten (did you seriously expect me to say shorthand?). It's like the Diary of Anne Frank. If I'm going to use it as a journal, it'll be entitled The Psycho Diaries.

Cursive, please don't die.

MORAL: If you keep everything in MS Word or in Google Docs, someday, you'll lose that part of you whether from viruses, or hard disk or server failures. 'Cause everything we write is a part of us, we're sharing our experiences (whether attained through the use of illegal drugs or not), whether to our future selves, or the servers of Google targeting you with advertisements. Gosh, I just want a notebook and write something on that notebook. What if I put my X Things to Do Before I Go Bonkers there? Hmmm...


Mark Bautista said...
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Mark Bautista said...

yeah! join us people who have returned to writing in notebooks using curvise handwriting!

rO.ot said...

I have been writing in cursive since Kinder II.

Actually, that's the first notebook I saw in National Bookstore. Hardbound! I'm looking for clothskin or something. Still, no one has given me a good marketing talk for Moleskine.