Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's A Vampire Night Alright

EDIT: Here's the entry if you really want to read it. *shrivels*

I have written a couple of entries in the past about Twilight (books and movie) and all the brouhaha it brought upon us. I think in order to say something about anything and mean it, one might as well not fully depend on one's gut or hearsay (sorry gossip kings and queens). Example, if someone asks you if a movie is good or not, don't give your word on it if you haven't watched the movie. It is not a safe thing to say, "my friend's cousin's classmate said movie X is really badass!" when your friend's cousin's classmate actually said, "movie X is really as BAD AS it can get!"

Ok. That was confusing. Main point without all the covers: if you're judging a phenomenon, read or watch it first.

I commented on Twilight based on the first book and the first movie. I read the second one a few days before watching it. I haven't read the other books (I read them in e-book, don't judge) and when I actually thought of borrowing a hard copy of it, I chanced upon a contest from Jessica Zafra's website. I found the challenge hilarious because well, it really needed that part. I didn't mind the contest until after some time she posted that they accept entries in Filipino. You know how things go into a whole new dimension when translated into Filipino?
"You are lazy!"
"Ang tamad mo!" --> has more impact, right?
"Son of a bitch!"
"Putang ina mo!" --> hmm.

I submitted my entry at 2:54am a few more days after the announcement of the update on rules. How nocturnal (and crammed) is that? I felt weird. (I wrote it after typing my Political Science paper.) After I posted that (after I removed the link to my blog) I told myself enough of the double entendre already. All those hidden messages and whatever stuff we're talking about like trying to incorporate a "green meaning" into anything someone will say - has got to stop eventually (because it's becoming a habit and I don't want to laugh my head off when someone talks to me and think it's all about green jokes). Actually it all started because of the Disarming Game (rules are not to be revealed anytime soon)!

Anyway, when I saw the results, I wasn't sure if I'm going to tell other people about it, because what would I say, "I won a box set of books because I wrote a sex scene for Twilight that's actually based on a few true-to-life stories from my friends!" Or I could just say, "I won books from a raffle!" I was actually tempted to tell the latter but my sister was beside me when I saw the result.

The same day, I managed to watch a couple of True Blood episodes. (Yeah yeah some vampire tv series.) Then downloaded episodes of The Vampire Diaries just because I read that Mia Kirshner (hearts) will be part of it. True enough, The Vampire Diaries is a concoction of Twilight, The OC, Ghost Whisperer, and pretty much that. When The Vampire Diaries become too cheesy for me (Damon even looks like Chace Crawford), I switch to True Blood and then back to The Vampire Diaries when the next episode has finished downloading itself.

Pretty much vampire-ish, right?

*I would like to thank all the MIS chismosos, chismosas, and barberos for the stories (I'm actually one of the chismosas and barberos but what the heck), the Waray Warrior for her mani and for being the recipient of our ballpen/pentel pen joke, the Phone Monster for his monster-like ways, Lady Gaga for her brutal songs, my sister for helping me carry the books, and all the people behind the troubled, "seriously?", intriguing, Twilight thing.

MORAL: Is sarcasm inborn or otherwise? Sarcasm: Nature or Nurture? I want to know. If there's a cure, or a 180-degree turn from it, please give me some advice. Either way, I'm going to read the books. Then recreate the book covers.

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