Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meet Ana, Swiper, and Moses

You know how some (or most) people give names to inanimate objects? I guess we have this thing for naming anything. We give our pets names, ranging from the really visual Blackie, Whitey, Brownie, to the outer space with Mars, Andromeda, and U100. Well, pets are not the only ones baptized with names these days. Things that have great value to someone are best candidates for a name. Phones, wristwatches, stuffed toys, retainers, shoes, music players, laptops, etc., name it, it has been named.

Phone: Ana
I've always been dependent on a to-do list. I like lists but I dislike remembering what to do next. So, an organizer is heaven-sent for me. In high school, I'm fine with a tickler. In college, dang it! My tickler style is not working its magic anymore! When I got a new phone, I chose a smartphone and it became my PDA - personal digital alalay. Ugh. After it was stolen, I was thinking of having a reunion with my paper friends but just like some relationships, it just didn't click. The high school bond we had was gone, planners and myself just don't have that same old chemistry anymore. Papers revolted against me and offered me to the machines. And now, I'm dependent on my smartphone, with its alarms, notes, remote control capabilities, Internet features, and all. Oh, and why Ana? It's short for ANAL. As in anal-retentive.

Laptop: Swiper
When I lost Alexander, I felt so sad I peed peanut butter and vomited Jell-o. Duty calls and my parents are already having difficulty unclogging the drainage because of all those peanut butter, so my dad brought me to electronics galactica and told me to choose my new Terminator. I'm not really good with funky passwords and my new laptop needs to have at least a first line of defense from sneaky friends and siblings. Good thing it has this fingerprint scanner. I still have a password but regularly, I just swipe my finger (whichever I want to) and I can use my Terminator! (If you're getting confused, I call laptops Terminators because they "terminate" tasks that would've been difficult to do without it and so as "terminate" sleeping hours.)

MP3 Player: Moses
My iPod Nano has been with me since my freshman year. Shuffle doesn't give me control (I'm kind of a control freak) and iPod Video is too bulky/big for commuting. The battery is still good, the "condom" or the silicon protector really works (Moses has jumped off my bag or my pocket a few times already), and even though I have devoured a number of earphones, Moses still rocks the house. Even the Red Sea is going to have a difficult time ripping out Moses. Those 300th Generation iPod NanoVideoTouch don't glamor me. As long as my iPod still works, I'll stick to it. Commuting, waiting in line (I loathe waiting), and traffic became more tolerable with Tegan and Sara, White Lies, Boyce Avenue, and the Holy Trinity.

MORAL: Naming things is one of the greatest challenge we face. Yeah, try naming your Sims, your tribe in Virtual Villagers, your fantasy sports team, your city, your band, or your company. The first step is always the most difficult and time-consuming. What is it in a name? What is a name? Why do we love naming our things? Maybe because in a room full of commoditized somethings, screaming, "Don't die on me, Lady Gaga! I need you!" while clasping the screen of your laptop gives off a different feeling.

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