Sunday, January 31, 2010

16 and Counting

(click the picture to enjoy Roger's underarms)

Don't say it's because Andy Murray succumbs to the mounting pressure of winning a Grand Slam that's why he loses. It's just that he's against Roger Federer. Deal with it. The Fed can fire winners from any angle. Burrrrrrrn.

16th Slam.

MORAL: Nothing to say. It's Federesque.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Aussie Open Notes

Click the picture to see who's on the other side. Haha.

Here are my notes from the Australian Open.

Aussie Open Women's Curse:
No one has successfully defended the title ever since Capriati in 2002.
Williams Magic:
Serena Williams just broke it. Defended the title she won 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2010. Side note, she even got out of her odd-year wins.

Justine Henin owns the world with her footwork and amazing shots.

If the tennis balls get substituted with your head, it'll explode like watermelons. See Williams' (muscles and) groundstrokes and Henin's fencing skills? Whoever said women's tennis is plain boring must've been watching Shriekapova or someone else play. Chauvinist.

It's Federesque. Roger is the epitome of perfection. And Justine deserves the adjective. One hand backhands are that awesome.

Want notes? Tennis is not just about sheer power. Shot placement dictates play. Amen!

The Williamses won the Aussie Doubles Title. What's new? Nothing. I still love it when they play doubles!

Venus looks really good, her hair suits her very well. Elegantly tall is a nice way to put it.

I like Roger's shiny suit in his Rolex commercial. When I want a symbol for elegance, Roger's there. For just plain macho gwapo, there's Marat. For Diva attitudes, there's Mother Diva Serena Williams, and wanna-bitch Andy Roddick. Haha.

What would Justine be thinking after her loss? She's a champion and not using being out of the circuit for some time as an excuse is cool. I still think Justine's better than Kim skills-wise. Williams sisters just have it in them.

"I could say it again, see you next year. " - Proof that Justine's staying.

The final shot of Australian Open is the G Moment of Serena.

MORAL: Tennis is love.

Tennis God

Please be advised that all photos in this post are capable of inducing a heart attack to viewers/readers of any gender. The author, the person who originally posted this, the photographer who took the photo, and Marat Safin are not responsible for any death, overflowing saliva, brain damage, heart attack, etc. that may occur.

(Click Mr. Awesome's photo and pay respect. Image is sizzling so can't afford to resize it.)

January 27, 2010

The hottest male tennis player that has ever lives turned 30 years old. Still looks better than anyone else in the circuit.

If you think I forgot about his big day, you must be a freaking idiot. I did the usual, offer fresh sampaguita, light up the candles, say a little prayer, leave fruits, and bow three times before lighting the incense.

I only have one question in mind: If God was able to create someone as AWESOME as Marat Safin, where are the others? WHERE ARE THEY?! SHOW YOURSELVES! And make this world a freaking better place aesthetically!

MORAL: Marat Safin is a god. A real one.

This post is so short because I can't type with all the photos of Marat. Can't get enough? One last for this post. Haha. Buuuuurn!

Envisioning The Tarsiers

Drafted January 26, 2010 1:10pm.

Booking a return ticket before booking an originating ticket is one of the most intelligent things I have done. Thanks to my sister who lent me her credit card (just the card no money involved), I was left to deal with this online booking myself. She showed me how to do it before, when we went abroad. I even joked about using her card for online shopping, I was given a "go ahead, you'll pay me anyway" look. I hate that, when my banters do not work (it only happens once in a blue freaking moon).

I used to be a control freak, only agreeing on things when I see the details about it. And yes, since my life changed in college (actually my life changed in junior year of high school), I had a different take on things now. I am more of the "right now" person and this could mean I could be the most kaladkarin person you can meet.

A certain friend of mine wants to know the full itinerary of the Cebu-Bohol trip before he agrees on booking tickets. I thought my jaw dropped to the floor. I booked the flight because I am currently in the "spontaneous" mode. Someone just popped the idea because there was a promo with the airlines. I said why not? I think I have been missing a lot by saying NO. There was even a time I considered being a "Yes Man" or woman. Whatever. And then someone asking me about the full itinerary before s/he attends, OKAY. Some say the best trips are those that aren't planned too much.

If you're asking for a program flow, then we might not be sharing the same plane.

MORAL: Sometimes, all hard work do not pay off. If your friend is really that picky, the heck with it. To all my friends whom I always ask, "Oh, pinayagan ka na ba?" or constantly updating of one's status for the trip, it would probably be the last time I'll be asking you. Sometimes I get tired of things, too. In short, kung ayaw, maraming dahilan. Can't blame you if you don't want to. I promise to just make the most of the trip whether you guys come or not. However, if the Fantastic Four bails out on me, ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Avatar > Titanic. Really?

Sooooo, Avatar has ditched Titanic. This shows a change in society. Even though the number of people with HIV/AIDS has risen, people don't prioritize steamy (pun intended) sex scenes anymore. They prefer technology, action, bombing, fire, Michelle Rodriguez (biased), and unique creatures. Porn stars and sexy stars, I warn you (if you're reading this, why in the world are you in my blog?!), your days are numbered. Action stars and animation experts will rule the world. Prepare. I really love the Dark Knight. I repeat, action stars and animation experts will rule the world. (Spot the misfit sentence in the poorly constructed paragraph.)

AVATAR = Where geeks and machos meet.
TITANIC = Where snobs, pervs, and hypothermia meet.

I love Dakota Fanning but not Kristen Stewart. I will watch The Runaways just because Dakota completes the sentence: I will watch a movie because ______ is there. I know, that's the lamest excuse ever for others, but considering it came from me, read the Moral below.

MORAL: Anything that the writer of this blog says is awesome. No one can compete with it and top it off unless she says so. Muwahahaha!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Paramore and the Belgians

EDIT: Now Justine's going to face the Kim Clijsters killer Nadia Petrova in the quarterfinals.

After a long wait for my reimbursement, I can really say that the reimbursement system for organizations in Ateneo sucks big time. I've shelled out that money last November and I still haven't received my money minus tax. Since they've made me wait for a long time, I want the full amount. Tax my as...paragus.

So, with all the postponements and unavailability of time, finally I managed to buy my much-coveted concert ticket. Paramore, we're seeing each other in March. Don't pull what The Killers did.

First tennis match to be watched since Marat Safin (who's having his birthday on January 27) declared retirement: The all-Belgian affair of Justine Henin and Yanina Wickmayer. Wickmayer has a really nice toned body, with an amazing back. She looks kinda like Prince William though. 7-6 1-6 2-1 Henin leading as I'm typing this. I hope Justine wins just to prove that tennis is not just about powerful groundstrokes. Allez!

MORAL: There's always so much story on one side of the court. Then, there's still the other side.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Law - Lawkohan.

Seriously? I just came home happy with the result of our Con-Con and went online to start checking out templates for my project when I saw a tweet from GMA News and after reading the article, here I am writing this out of wonder and blind rage. And I don't claim anything because I am bereft of knowledge in any other Islamic law. I wonder why and how, people tolerate this law? Hey, I am amazed! I am in awe that they really swear in this law before their lives and live with this day by day.

The Shari'ah or Islamic law imposes imprisonment for women who get pregnant out of wedlock and, after giving birth, a penalty of lashes to be determined by courts before being freed.

The law applies even to victims who claim to have been raped.

This is probably one of the most preposterous things I have ever read/heard. Tubal ligation would be heaven-sent (no Christianity involved in the word "heaven" here) or is there any law against that?

Quoting another article which I am not really certain of its claims supports another ridiculous effort from Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia, the women are blamed for tempting the men. Rape victims bare the brunt of the responsibility. It's their fault they were raped because they tempted the man simply for being a female. After all, Saudi law doesn't expect men to exhibit restraint but rather will simply blame the women and punish them accordingly in the faked up way Saudi Arabia punishes women for the tragic mistake of being born female. Needless to say that a woman will not even think to ask for a condom there.

The article mentions the Philippines as well, so I could claim that I'm not that biased against Saudi Arabia. Then, it shows that I'm pro-RH Bill. Honestly, I think believe that is so prejudiced and unfair. What do people do there? Blame the evil to the woman? I don't suppose they also believe that it's really Eve who tempted Adam to eat the freaking Fuji apple, because only Christian fundamentalists do that.

It's so much fun to be a man there. If they know someone is a tranny-male, what to do?

MORAL: Traditions, culture, they make societies different from one another. Though sometimes, they are just totally unnerving, stupid, irrational, and amazing. Amazing? 'Cause they can make my open-minded core bleed to death.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On Muscle Pains, Fried Scalps, and Short Pants

I like muscle pains. Just like when you suddenly indulge into a strenuous activity and you feel sore the next day, I like it. If my quadriceps hurt, I tend to walk more. Freako.

And I never learn. I have a Fried Scalp again. It doesn't hurt as much as before but looks as brown as much. Gaaaarfunkel.

When your brother tells you he likes what you're wearing and how you wear it, and you see yourself sporting a t-shirt, Chucks, and pants that just sit above the ankles, be wary. You dress like a dude or your brother is weird.

I really like the outdoors but my skin doesn't. The feeling of knowing that you are responsible for your survival is one of the scariest thing on earth.

MORAL: Try a lot of things, you'll never know when you'll fall in love. You might be late, but you're never too late.

January 18 In ADHD Format

I just need to type it. I don't want to forget it but I just need to type it. No details will be divulged, though.

Late for Histo and forgot to tell my teacher I'm late so that's a cut.
It's starting to rain and I'm wearing my white Velcro Chucks which is clean again.
Got my Histo long test back. (Grade's okay but definitely not what I wanted.)
Good thing my friend sat in my seat so I get to sit in her seat which is beside "mukhang mabait." (The only good thing for me that happened this day.)
Went to finish the report.
Still got nothing for the Job Fair.
Saw someone who thought data was just needed for documentation.
Someone submitted his report real late.
Printer ran out of colored ink.
Had to cut Philosophy even though 99% of me agrees I don't want to but I have to.
Photocopying machine broke down on us.
Went to the library for photocopying.
Long queue in the binding machine.
Ran for the signatures.
Shouted at someone.
It rained really hard but I had to run again real fast without umbrella.
I almost slipped because of the chucks
Went back to the queue but someone handed theirs first and cut the whole idea of falling in line.
Heard the photocopying machine now works....after we left before.
Submitted beyond the expected time of submission.
Sanny waited for me in SM because she's supposed to accompany me to check one store somewhere else.
Instead, she still had to do some grocery and then it's all late to visit the store now.
Prime time shows in the local channels are painful to watch. I hate that Santino show, God is not your miracle worker.

And I lost my favorite pen from all the running and locomotion somewhere in between all the events.

Fracking day. I'm so pissed I want to piss.
WTH Jason Ivler. Do you really have to add to all the drama of this day?

MORAL: When it rains, it floods.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Talkative Drivers

I am one of those people comfortable in riding cabs. Some people's nightmares in riding cabs are being kidnapped, drugged to oblivion, mauled to death, held-up, or vehicular accident. I wonder why the words "talkative drivers" are not usually found on the list?
(I must've done a survey to support this entry.)

I enjoy my cab rides especially when it's not traffic because the meter is also happy and my wallet, too. Having a talkative driver is a nightmare, well, drivers not listening to your instructions ending up with a more expensive fare are worse, but they're not as interesting as talkative drivers aka life-sharers, motor journalists, opinionated editors, commentators, annoying radio DJs, support group member.

Just a while ago, the few times I'm not wearing my earphones, the driver asked me if I'm already a voting citizen. I was proud I am one so I replied. BAD MOVE. (But it's worse for me if you don't reply at all.) Then he said while we were on a stop, "Ma'am, boto po natin si Erap ah." I smiled and was waiting for the punch line. There was none. It was not a joke. He was deadpan serious about it and told stuff about Erap being a victim of politics and all. I was hoping for 3 things. It doesn't hurt to ask that much, right?

I was hoping that:
1. He doesn't ask me whom I'm voting for - because obviously I'd rather die than have Erap or Manny Villar as president. And I don't want to lie on a Sunday, not that I enjoy lying or something in any other days.
2. He won't continue the talk about politics - because it's such a delicate issue to be discussed with someone driving and being responsible for someone else's life like mine.
3. I get home ASAP.

Let's wind back a few months ago. Like all stories I share in this blog, this one's based on a true story. This is probably the most awkward talkative driver scenario for me...yet. And I'm not hoping for anything that will top this soon.

I hailed a cab and was studying for my long exam. I didn't use my earphones again because there was a peaceful silence in the cab until all hell broke loose. The driver's phone rang, typical ringtone nothing fancy schmancy until he answered it while driving. Okay. I didn't react that he was talking while driving. Hey, I also multi-task, listening to their conversation, while praying that we don't hit anything or anyone, and studying for my exam. 3 > 2, I beat him. Then everything became CHEEESY and things went downhill (until we almost saw Satan) from there. They both were sharing expressions of fondness (lambing) with terms like "Oh bakit ka pa tumawag? Sayang load." "Ikaw kasi eh, kumain ka na kagad. Sasabayan dapat kita eh." "Mamaya sabay tayo dinner ah. Ligo ka muna para pag-uwi ko mabango ka." I thought my ears would bleed and red ants would swarm from it.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bottomline: We're Still a Douche

Before, I watched Pinoy Big Brother because it is what's showing when I get home. And I eat with the television on with people at home watching PBB. I somehow enjoyed it because well, it's reality tv and a lot of people enjoy it so what's the deal. So there's a lot of fuss about this transwoman who came from a "prestigious" university. Blah. I knew it from the beginning, it's Ateneo. Well the stereotypical thing is that Ateneo is not tough with gays and well, people are rich enough to have work on their bodies.

So okay enough. My main topic here is when Boy Abunda interviewed Rica (the transwoman from PBB) in his show Bottomline. Based from the interview, I can conclude that gays are (over)achievers because they think they have to prove something. People always ask why are gay people so talented, smart, confident, and all? It's because they're trying to prove something. They're proving to society that "we're smart, we're talented, we're so creative, and we're confident" because gay people can be smart, talented, creative, and confident. Take that, society!

Can you really blame someone who's close-minded, or doesn't want to accept that things are different now? That there's such a thing as global warming, cloud computing, equal rights, and gay people?

You know how society can be so utilitarian. If you can't contribute anything, you're pretty much useless. If you fulfill your ambitions but no other people benefit from it, still useless. It's like you can't be gay and be mediocre. You can't eff up your life even if you want to. They'll blame it on someone being gay. "It's because s/he is gay that's why s/he's like that." Mmm-hmmm. K. People really want to anchor something because of one's gender.

Well, I guess my Philo 103 lessons just kicked in. Reality tvs really choose the extra-ordinary even though they claim otherwise. They presented a success story of a transwoman. She's successful, a scholar, a student-leader (president of the Ateneo Math Society), and an IT consultant in a big company.

People there (in the show) respected her because she's intelligent and she knows what she wants. How about gays who aren't like Rica? I'm still waiting for the day people can accept one another even if they aren't as accomplished as they can be in society's standards.

Well, as they said, it's just about equality.

And me? I'm just desperate for Internet. (Typed in Notepad like usual.)

(Not really the) MORAL (for this entry): Ateneans take 4 Philo classes and 4 Theology classes in their student lives. Parents, I warn you, Ateneo has this way of making your kids think differently. You'll love them and/or hate them more. Love because they learned something (that most people would say unimportant in our lives because teaching your kids how to program in 200 different languages is better than let's say, Philosophy of the Religion)and they can think like dreamers, but you'll hate them because they will talk too much and won't shut up. I'm not speaking from personal experiences.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Looooove The Bar

My dad was scanning the channels and chanced upon Star Sports. There, in Melbourne, Andy Roddick and Roger Federer were exchanging forehands and backhands with Federer leading 4-1 2 sets to love. The moment Roddick shot the ball long, I told him to continue channel scanning but he muttered, "Walang kwenta," in a really soft voice. We're 3 rulers away from each other so I kept on asking, "What's that?" He knows how much I prefer tennis over vodka and I was suggesting, "Ano po yung walang kwenta? Yung...?" He just said, "Yung..mga tira. Lagpas eh." And being the evil child, "Ah. Akala ko po yung iniinom niyo eh."

I haven't followed the tennis circuit and all new pertaining to it ever since my Marat declared retirement. It made me cranky.

MORAL: Never try to have an argument with someone curious about the taste of green apple vodka and with someone who really loves something. (Please don't Scott Peck me with the word "love" okay?)

Don't Mess with the Vodka Master

So okay, I'm having some arguments with the vodka master. Now, he's saying that what I'm blaring in the living room speakers with the amplifier and equalizer on is "noisy" and the vocalist just shouts the words. He says it's a pain in the ears. That's why I like our room, no one says anything when I play anything. (If I hear someone say something, I'll run and scream away.) That's what's nice with portable music players, you can keep your music to yourself. But I don't want to lose my eardrums anytime soon from all the seconds, minutes, and hours I spend listening to it. Here's what I really find annoying (or disturbing): When I put my earphones (not headphones because they mess up my hair) on, he likes to talk to me and even asks me questions waiting for answers. And when I play "communal" music, he comments.

Or maybe my dad just wants to talk to me. Maybe we could both wear earphones and talk while listening to music of our own choices. Or we could chat, IM each other. Hmm.

MORAL: Music is the language of the soul. Well, that's yours. You communicate with your soul, and sometimes other people just don't get it. Sad sh*t. (* = letter O)

Monday, January 04, 2010

Avecilla-Sevilla Loves the New Year

January 2, 2010

New Year's Day hangover. There were a lot of drinking, fireworks, and merriment on the day that preceded my cousin's wedding day. Why he opted to have his wedding on January 2, I don't know. Maybe because relatives from another country are here in the country and so it would be a good date and they can attend the big day. My cousin works in Singapore, being in the IT field, I consult with him about anything regarding IT. The Sevillas are our second cousins but since they also live in San Juan, and have the same age with my siblings, we have practically lived our lives closely to one another.

Last year, the youngest Sevilla got married and well, this year, the eldest one got married, too. Both of them are not in the country anymore, youngest one in London, while he's going back to Singapore. I felt sad when they left the country so I conditioned myself with "Wimbledon" and "clean air" - okay, the clean air was not really necessary but wtheck.

Kuya Vince has a different thing in life, he does triathlon (swimming, biking, running), scuba diving, photography, hiking, mountaineering, and long drives. Those are the things I want. And they are quite expensive hobbies. Haha. Dang. He's the projection of the things I want to do.

I even went to their pre-nuptial photoshoot and got to experience tinkering with really heavy DSLRs with all those lenses and flash equipment. Btw, their reception was kick-ass. There was too much food I thought I could vomit the chocolate mousse served in shotglasses.

Congratulations to Kuya Vince and Ate Pam!