Saturday, January 30, 2010

Aussie Open Notes

Click the picture to see who's on the other side. Haha.

Here are my notes from the Australian Open.

Aussie Open Women's Curse:
No one has successfully defended the title ever since Capriati in 2002.
Williams Magic:
Serena Williams just broke it. Defended the title she won 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2010. Side note, she even got out of her odd-year wins.

Justine Henin owns the world with her footwork and amazing shots.

If the tennis balls get substituted with your head, it'll explode like watermelons. See Williams' (muscles and) groundstrokes and Henin's fencing skills? Whoever said women's tennis is plain boring must've been watching Shriekapova or someone else play. Chauvinist.

It's Federesque. Roger is the epitome of perfection. And Justine deserves the adjective. One hand backhands are that awesome.

Want notes? Tennis is not just about sheer power. Shot placement dictates play. Amen!

The Williamses won the Aussie Doubles Title. What's new? Nothing. I still love it when they play doubles!

Venus looks really good, her hair suits her very well. Elegantly tall is a nice way to put it.

I like Roger's shiny suit in his Rolex commercial. When I want a symbol for elegance, Roger's there. For just plain macho gwapo, there's Marat. For Diva attitudes, there's Mother Diva Serena Williams, and wanna-bitch Andy Roddick. Haha.

What would Justine be thinking after her loss? She's a champion and not using being out of the circuit for some time as an excuse is cool. I still think Justine's better than Kim skills-wise. Williams sisters just have it in them.

"I could say it again, see you next year. " - Proof that Justine's staying.

The final shot of Australian Open is the G Moment of Serena.

MORAL: Tennis is love.

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Congratulations to Serena! She is an outstanding player and is having an excellent career. I just hope she never has another outburst during a match like the one she had at the 2009 US Open.