Thursday, January 28, 2010

Avatar > Titanic. Really?

Sooooo, Avatar has ditched Titanic. This shows a change in society. Even though the number of people with HIV/AIDS has risen, people don't prioritize steamy (pun intended) sex scenes anymore. They prefer technology, action, bombing, fire, Michelle Rodriguez (biased), and unique creatures. Porn stars and sexy stars, I warn you (if you're reading this, why in the world are you in my blog?!), your days are numbered. Action stars and animation experts will rule the world. Prepare. I really love the Dark Knight. I repeat, action stars and animation experts will rule the world. (Spot the misfit sentence in the poorly constructed paragraph.)

AVATAR = Where geeks and machos meet.
TITANIC = Where snobs, pervs, and hypothermia meet.

I love Dakota Fanning but not Kristen Stewart. I will watch The Runaways just because Dakota completes the sentence: I will watch a movie because ______ is there. I know, that's the lamest excuse ever for others, but considering it came from me, read the Moral below.

MORAL: Anything that the writer of this blog says is awesome. No one can compete with it and top it off unless she says so. Muwahahaha!

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