Monday, January 11, 2010

Bottomline: We're Still a Douche

Before, I watched Pinoy Big Brother because it is what's showing when I get home. And I eat with the television on with people at home watching PBB. I somehow enjoyed it because well, it's reality tv and a lot of people enjoy it so what's the deal. So there's a lot of fuss about this transwoman who came from a "prestigious" university. Blah. I knew it from the beginning, it's Ateneo. Well the stereotypical thing is that Ateneo is not tough with gays and well, people are rich enough to have work on their bodies.

So okay enough. My main topic here is when Boy Abunda interviewed Rica (the transwoman from PBB) in his show Bottomline. Based from the interview, I can conclude that gays are (over)achievers because they think they have to prove something. People always ask why are gay people so talented, smart, confident, and all? It's because they're trying to prove something. They're proving to society that "we're smart, we're talented, we're so creative, and we're confident" because gay people can be smart, talented, creative, and confident. Take that, society!

Can you really blame someone who's close-minded, or doesn't want to accept that things are different now? That there's such a thing as global warming, cloud computing, equal rights, and gay people?

You know how society can be so utilitarian. If you can't contribute anything, you're pretty much useless. If you fulfill your ambitions but no other people benefit from it, still useless. It's like you can't be gay and be mediocre. You can't eff up your life even if you want to. They'll blame it on someone being gay. "It's because s/he is gay that's why s/he's like that." Mmm-hmmm. K. People really want to anchor something because of one's gender.

Well, I guess my Philo 103 lessons just kicked in. Reality tvs really choose the extra-ordinary even though they claim otherwise. They presented a success story of a transwoman. She's successful, a scholar, a student-leader (president of the Ateneo Math Society), and an IT consultant in a big company.

People there (in the show) respected her because she's intelligent and she knows what she wants. How about gays who aren't like Rica? I'm still waiting for the day people can accept one another even if they aren't as accomplished as they can be in society's standards.

Well, as they said, it's just about equality.

And me? I'm just desperate for Internet. (Typed in Notepad like usual.)

(Not really the) MORAL (for this entry): Ateneans take 4 Philo classes and 4 Theology classes in their student lives. Parents, I warn you, Ateneo has this way of making your kids think differently. You'll love them and/or hate them more. Love because they learned something (that most people would say unimportant in our lives because teaching your kids how to program in 200 different languages is better than let's say, Philosophy of the Religion)and they can think like dreamers, but you'll hate them because they will talk too much and won't shut up. I'm not speaking from personal experiences.

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