Sunday, January 10, 2010

Don't Mess with the Vodka Master

So okay, I'm having some arguments with the vodka master. Now, he's saying that what I'm blaring in the living room speakers with the amplifier and equalizer on is "noisy" and the vocalist just shouts the words. He says it's a pain in the ears. That's why I like our room, no one says anything when I play anything. (If I hear someone say something, I'll run and scream away.) That's what's nice with portable music players, you can keep your music to yourself. But I don't want to lose my eardrums anytime soon from all the seconds, minutes, and hours I spend listening to it. Here's what I really find annoying (or disturbing): When I put my earphones (not headphones because they mess up my hair) on, he likes to talk to me and even asks me questions waiting for answers. And when I play "communal" music, he comments.

Or maybe my dad just wants to talk to me. Maybe we could both wear earphones and talk while listening to music of our own choices. Or we could chat, IM each other. Hmm.

MORAL: Music is the language of the soul. Well, that's yours. You communicate with your soul, and sometimes other people just don't get it. Sad sh*t. (* = letter O)

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