Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Looooove The Bar

My dad was scanning the channels and chanced upon Star Sports. There, in Melbourne, Andy Roddick and Roger Federer were exchanging forehands and backhands with Federer leading 4-1 2 sets to love. The moment Roddick shot the ball long, I told him to continue channel scanning but he muttered, "Walang kwenta," in a really soft voice. We're 3 rulers away from each other so I kept on asking, "What's that?" He knows how much I prefer tennis over vodka and I was suggesting, "Ano po yung walang kwenta? Yung...?" He just said, "Yung..mga tira. Lagpas eh." And being the evil child, "Ah. Akala ko po yung iniinom niyo eh."

I haven't followed the tennis circuit and all new pertaining to it ever since my Marat declared retirement. It made me cranky.

MORAL: Never try to have an argument with someone curious about the taste of green apple vodka and with someone who really loves something. (Please don't Scott Peck me with the word "love" okay?)

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