Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 18 In ADHD Format

I just need to type it. I don't want to forget it but I just need to type it. No details will be divulged, though.

Late for Histo and forgot to tell my teacher I'm late so that's a cut.
It's starting to rain and I'm wearing my white Velcro Chucks which is clean again.
Got my Histo long test back. (Grade's okay but definitely not what I wanted.)
Good thing my friend sat in my seat so I get to sit in her seat which is beside "mukhang mabait." (The only good thing for me that happened this day.)
Went to finish the report.
Still got nothing for the Job Fair.
Saw someone who thought data was just needed for documentation.
Someone submitted his report real late.
Printer ran out of colored ink.
Had to cut Philosophy even though 99% of me agrees I don't want to but I have to.
Photocopying machine broke down on us.
Went to the library for photocopying.
Long queue in the binding machine.
Ran for the signatures.
Shouted at someone.
It rained really hard but I had to run again real fast without umbrella.
I almost slipped because of the chucks
Went back to the queue but someone handed theirs first and cut the whole idea of falling in line.
Heard the photocopying machine now works....after we left before.
Submitted beyond the expected time of submission.
Sanny waited for me in SM because she's supposed to accompany me to check one store somewhere else.
Instead, she still had to do some grocery and then it's all late to visit the store now.
Prime time shows in the local channels are painful to watch. I hate that Santino show, God is not your miracle worker.

And I lost my favorite pen from all the running and locomotion somewhere in between all the events.

Fracking day. I'm so pissed I want to piss.
WTH Jason Ivler. Do you really have to add to all the drama of this day?

MORAL: When it rains, it floods.

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