Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Law - Lawkohan.

Seriously? I just came home happy with the result of our Con-Con and went online to start checking out templates for my project when I saw a tweet from GMA News and after reading the article, here I am writing this out of wonder and blind rage. And I don't claim anything because I am bereft of knowledge in any other Islamic law. I wonder why and how, people tolerate this law? Hey, I am amazed! I am in awe that they really swear in this law before their lives and live with this day by day.

The Shari'ah or Islamic law imposes imprisonment for women who get pregnant out of wedlock and, after giving birth, a penalty of lashes to be determined by courts before being freed.

The law applies even to victims who claim to have been raped.

This is probably one of the most preposterous things I have ever read/heard. Tubal ligation would be heaven-sent (no Christianity involved in the word "heaven" here) or is there any law against that?

Quoting another article which I am not really certain of its claims supports another ridiculous effort from Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia, the women are blamed for tempting the men. Rape victims bare the brunt of the responsibility. It's their fault they were raped because they tempted the man simply for being a female. After all, Saudi law doesn't expect men to exhibit restraint but rather will simply blame the women and punish them accordingly in the faked up way Saudi Arabia punishes women for the tragic mistake of being born female. Needless to say that a woman will not even think to ask for a condom there.

The article mentions the Philippines as well, so I could claim that I'm not that biased against Saudi Arabia. Then, it shows that I'm pro-RH Bill. Honestly, I think believe that is so prejudiced and unfair. What do people do there? Blame the evil to the woman? I don't suppose they also believe that it's really Eve who tempted Adam to eat the freaking Fuji apple, because only Christian fundamentalists do that.

It's so much fun to be a man there. If they know someone is a tranny-male, what to do?

MORAL: Traditions, culture, they make societies different from one another. Though sometimes, they are just totally unnerving, stupid, irrational, and amazing. Amazing? 'Cause they can make my open-minded core bleed to death.

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