Tuesday, January 19, 2010

On Muscle Pains, Fried Scalps, and Short Pants

I like muscle pains. Just like when you suddenly indulge into a strenuous activity and you feel sore the next day, I like it. If my quadriceps hurt, I tend to walk more. Freako.

And I never learn. I have a Fried Scalp again. It doesn't hurt as much as before but looks as brown as much. Gaaaarfunkel.

When your brother tells you he likes what you're wearing and how you wear it, and you see yourself sporting a t-shirt, Chucks, and pants that just sit above the ankles, be wary. You dress like a dude or your brother is weird.

I really like the outdoors but my skin doesn't. The feeling of knowing that you are responsible for your survival is one of the scariest thing on earth.

MORAL: Try a lot of things, you'll never know when you'll fall in love. You might be late, but you're never too late.

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