Sunday, January 24, 2010

Paramore and the Belgians

EDIT: Now Justine's going to face the Kim Clijsters killer Nadia Petrova in the quarterfinals.

After a long wait for my reimbursement, I can really say that the reimbursement system for organizations in Ateneo sucks big time. I've shelled out that money last November and I still haven't received my money minus tax. Since they've made me wait for a long time, I want the full amount. Tax my as...paragus.

So, with all the postponements and unavailability of time, finally I managed to buy my much-coveted concert ticket. Paramore, we're seeing each other in March. Don't pull what The Killers did.

First tennis match to be watched since Marat Safin (who's having his birthday on January 27) declared retirement: The all-Belgian affair of Justine Henin and Yanina Wickmayer. Wickmayer has a really nice toned body, with an amazing back. She looks kinda like Prince William though. 7-6 1-6 2-1 Henin leading as I'm typing this. I hope Justine wins just to prove that tennis is not just about powerful groundstrokes. Allez!

MORAL: There's always so much story on one side of the court. Then, there's still the other side.

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