Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tennis God

Please be advised that all photos in this post are capable of inducing a heart attack to viewers/readers of any gender. The author, the person who originally posted this, the photographer who took the photo, and Marat Safin are not responsible for any death, overflowing saliva, brain damage, heart attack, etc. that may occur.

(Click Mr. Awesome's photo and pay respect. Image is sizzling so can't afford to resize it.)

January 27, 2010

The hottest male tennis player that has ever lives turned 30 years old. Still looks better than anyone else in the circuit.

If you think I forgot about his big day, you must be a freaking idiot. I did the usual, offer fresh sampaguita, light up the candles, say a little prayer, leave fruits, and bow three times before lighting the incense.

I only have one question in mind: If God was able to create someone as AWESOME as Marat Safin, where are the others? WHERE ARE THEY?! SHOW YOURSELVES! And make this world a freaking better place aesthetically!

MORAL: Marat Safin is a god. A real one.

This post is so short because I can't type with all the photos of Marat. Can't get enough? One last for this post. Haha. Buuuuurn!

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