Sunday, February 28, 2010

Avril Lavigne - Alice

Avril Lavigne resurrects herself from the dead! Some people didn't like her when she did the shift from her skater-rock-chic look to her look-at-me-barbie in her The Best Damn Thing album. Anyway, I didn't abandon Avril when she did the 180degrees, sometimes we have to let people do their thing and accept that they also want to grow, evolve, or devolve themselves. So, if Lady Gaga goes acoustic all the way and she likes it, let her be. (How did Lady Gaga relate to this post? Beats me.)

To cut the crap, here's her latest music video for the highly-anticipated Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp,Anne Hathaway, Mia Wasikowska, and the amazing Elena Bonham Carter. Nice song, I like it. Look at the eyes, just like Johnny Depp's!

I, I'll get by
I, I'll survive
When the world's crashing down
When I fall and hit the ground
I will turn myself around
Don't you try to stop me
I, I won't cry

Honestly, I can't remember the whole story of Alice in Wonderland so I'm going to do some Lewis Carroll reading over the short break.

MORAL: This song came at the right moment. I'll get by, we'll get by. I'll survive, we'll survive. The hell with despair!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Villar is NOT an Option

Definitely definitely worth the read and musing.

Monsod's Musings
Winnie Monsod

Villar still refuses to attend the Senate to face questions, and it only reminds me of how GMA used the privilege of her office to avoid questioning. What will happen if Villar wins and more corruption scandals surface?

With Villar catching up to Noynoy in the polls, I am honestly quite terrified of the prospect of him winning. There is a clear case of graft in this instance, and instead of delving into the issues, his allies in the legislative are simply brushing off the allegations as "politically motivated". As a citizen, we should not accept this. If there is smoke, we must see if there is a fire that needs to be put out. Yes, the timing of the allegations seem a bit off. ( Joker Arroyo was pushing these issues as early as 1998). A known crook and political opportunist, Juan Ponce Enrile, is the person leading the censure. However, when the facts are presented, it is clear as day that something is amiss. It just further builds on my strong suspicions that Villar is a businessman simply looking to control the political arena to make a boat load of money.

Monday, February 22, 2010


After acquiring some Batista-inspired energy from the (e)xplosive drink, I used the picture below as my avatar/display picture in my Yahoo! Messenger account. With that picture, I have a status message that reads hyperactivity in all of its letters.

(what you will read below is the actual intellectual conversation I just had)

Friend: 300 penguin????
Friend: :|
Me: yes!
Me: spartaaaaaaaaan!
Friend: :|
Friend: patay kagad yan
Me: i hebs theee armors!
Friend:  but they will step on it
Friend: :|
Me: they will see the cuteness
Me: and say "awwww" instead
Me: and then WE ATTACKS!!!!
Friend:  wow
Friend: :|
Me: *kicks them to the bottomless pit*
Friend: parang si puss in boots lang ha
Friend : :|

MORAL: Wee hours and energy drinks, plus academic work are not of good combination. To the bottomless pit!!! Admit it, it's cute. You won't dare hurt a cute penguin sporting cute costume. Awww, abubbabubba.

Batista Energy!

We don't have class later because it's a National Holiday - remembering EDSA 1. Okay. If you think the photo above is not related to anything in this post, you're....WRONG! Everything is about Marat Safin. He will kiss away our problems goodbye. Amen!

Anyway, most seniors are being Spartans right now sacrificing their bodies and are toiling the heck out of everyone's brains and fingers. In this picture one could see the stress experiences of a student. The Nagaraya pack was stolen acquired during a Miting de Avance, the Power Pops! cereal snack is a really sweet bar, there's Hopiang Hapon, tikoy at the background, roasted garlic peanuts at the rightmost area, an Aquino-Roxas support pin (from my mom), my phone, my external HD, and lastly... my best friend.

I can say that my best friend came at the right time. The people behind its marketing team got the perfect timing, right before the hell weeks, the stress weeks, the weeks when students hate their lives.

I bring you:

Best friend!!! Comes in three awesome flavors: Lemon, Cola, and Orange. They are carbonated, mind you. So if you like Mountain Dew, orange soda, or just plain cola, buy Xplode instead for that extra kick or since Batista is the main endorser, for that Batista Bomb-ready energy! (Please don't mind the Colt 45 in the background. Thanks.)

MORALWARNING: Too much energy can make you feel nauseous, drop 10 IQ points, make you feel like Incredible Hulk, cause you to smile for no reason at all, etc. However, due to popular FAQs, IT WILL NOT MAKE YOUR CHEST MUSCLES INFLATE LIKE BATISTA's. OK?


"Nakapag-Batista ka na ba?"
"Nakatikim ka na ba ng pawis ni Batista?"
"Gusto ko ng Batista energy."
"Dahil sa Xplode, kaya ko na mang-powerbomb, Batista Bomb, rather!"

- Testimonials about Xplode. Grabe lang. Endorser din ba ako.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

By-Passing the Discrimination Code

Have you ever seen such beautiful slippers? These are library-dresscode-friendly set-ups.

Here's the story. I was so frakking mad at someone-who-pretends-to-be-a-teacher and so I had to photocopy something. I stumbled upon a friend, Anna, and she also needed to have her transcript photocopied. So there, the search for the nearest photocopying machine started. And failed.

All of the photocopying machines in Ateneo (believe it or not) were either doomed (SOM) or do not have long bond papers available for photocopying (Kostka, Sec-A, and C). Anna and I thought the heavens (or non-heavens) conspired to whip the shiitake out of all the photocopying centers. Since we really need to do our stuff, we decided to go to the Library. Lo and behold, both of us were wearing rubber slippers that do not have strap at the back part which is needed as part of the discrimination dresscode for the library.

We met Portia, Anna's friend, and had a little chit-chat all the while I was staring at her feet imagining if she wore discrimination dresscode-friendly slippers our problems would have been solved already. However, she wasn't. She was also wearing these tsinelas that have made my Atenean life so much better.

I suggested a lot of things, from just unfolding my pants to hide the ankles part, Anna told me it won't work and she uttered  the wise words of a true friend, "May hawak ka mang bomba, mas titingnan nila paa mo."

That's how the idea of tying straws just to cover the ankle came up. I got the straws from our department, DISCS (Department of Information Systems and Computer Science), and it pays to know the people there. I borrowed scissors and straw. I was asked what they were for and told them I had to by-pass the dresscode.

YAY! Anna made hers and we realized there were too many people to try our plan. Then, my friend Francis popped out of nowhere and we just asked him to have our stuff photocopied.

MORAL: Senior students have the privilege of doing whatever they like while their days as students are numbered.

This thing gave us a lot of ideas. Librarians and the cafeteria are next.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Cocky Commercial

Calvin Klein X.

Do you want some _____ more??

Hi, Fernando Verdasco!

MORAL: Underwear. Good.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pre-Final Narnia 151

Our teacher despite his young age (compared to the other Theology professors) already has a room in the Theology department instead of just a workstation/cubicle. Does it mean something? I'm not really sure but that for me means that he's bad-ass. Bad-ass!!! Bad!!! A...hmm.

Just now he released our pre-final grade, the grade that will destroy your psyche.
His class was like Narnia. Why? How? Details to follow.

With the pre-final grade there was a note/message as well. I quote him:
Attached with this is your pre-final grade.  All of the marks are based on the papers that have been submitted to me.  As stated in the syllabus, if you are absent for a particular requirement, you are automatically given a zero for it.  In case I made a mistake in encoding your mark(s), please see me.  For those who have failing marks at this moment, kindly talk to me so we can discuss your situation.  I would strongly suggest that you really burn the midnight oil for this course.  It would be a pity if you were to fail this subject.  As I told you in the beginning, you will get a grade that you deserve.  However, you must always remember that the marks are not a judgment of your person.  Nor do they accurately reflect your abilities and talents.  They are merely reflective of your (non-)performance vis-a-vis the requirements of the course.    

MORAL: He really has a good way to put it. Obviously, he doesn't give high marks like Trick or Treat candies.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tsinelas Tuesday

Second day of MISA Elections and had one satellite voting station, because I have a 3-hour break so I stayed in the cafeteria and forced the seniors and MISA people there to vote. So far, we're on the right track. No failure of elections if the rate continues. :)

What freaking thing happened is when I ran and then jumped in the cafeteria (don't ask how, why, when, more detailed where) and my slippers snapped! The right slipper was useless all of a sudden, funny how I wanted to buy those rice balls in the Korean stall but since my slipper snapped, I was forced to just buy Bananas and Cream (the best there is in Chillers <3) and skipped lunch all of a sudden. I was forced to think of all the possibilities and all of the people I know just to be able to survive the day. It was just 12:15pm and I have to stay in school until 9pm. I must survive and have a back-up plan before my break ends at 1:30pm.

"Para akong tinagusan nito! Hindi makaalis sa kinauupuan ko."

So to cut the annoying story short: My satellite voting station is a success, I asked Jean to bring me extra pair of slippers (thanks!), I didn't get to eat anything (instant diet mode), I didn't go barefeet in the cafeteria, and asked Ralph (with super "kawawa" smile) to buy me slippers. Thaaanks Jean and Ralph!

Yes, all of a sudden I was in possession of Ateneo slippers. My friend told me at least now I have a reason to purchase Ateneo slippers. Php180 down the drain. Look at me now, Havaianas! First time to snap one!

1. One friend was judged by a taxi driver. Details here.
2. One friend texted me because he found out he's in San Pedro, Laguna already. He lives in Alabang and fell asleep when he rode the bus. The moment he woke up, he panicked noticing unfamiliar area, and scampered down the bus realizing he's in Laguna already. At present, he's traversing the road back to Alabang. Hello, instant joyride! Haha.

MORAL: Sleeping while commuting is a big risk/adventure. I'll be paranoid now when wearing slippers. I would probably stash an extra pair in my bag at all times, just in case. I don't want to go barefeet anytime soon. Boo.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Alam Na: Mainit Lang Talaga Ngayon

Mainit, pare. Nararamdaman mo na ang tunay na panahon ng tagtuyot. Tuyo na ang natitirang tubig sa katawan, natutuyo na ang natitirang pag-asa na bumubuhay sa bawat isa.

Weh, hindi naman eh. Mainit lang talaga. Dahil ito sa Global Warming na pilit nating hindi pinapansin. Ipiniprito na tayo nang buhay ng panahon sa sarili nating mantika pero siyempre, wala parin tayong ginagawa. Marami pa nga namang mas mahalagang bagay diyan, gaya ng nalalapit na laban ni Manny Pacquiao, ang pagtakbo ni Derek Ramsey para sa Century Tuna, ang pinakabagong modelo ng Bench Body, ang mas masarap na sabaw, ang kaarawan ni Kris Aquino, o kung anu-ano pa.

Talagang mainit lang siguro. Dumaragdag pa rito ang init ng ulo ko. Masiyado na yatang mainitin ang ulo ko at hinihintay ko na lamang na tumaas ang aking alta-presyon, magsiputukan ang mga ugat ko, at magkaroon ng kawalan ng pagpigil sa sarili at magwala na lamang - maghubad sa pampublikong lugar, manigaw ng mga hindi kakilala, manipa ng basurahan, manabunot ng kalbo, magpunit ng mga diyaryo, magtapon ng tubig sa mukha ng kahit sino sabay sabi ng "You're nothing but a second rate trying hard, copycat! Pweh!", mangagat ng anit ng kakilala, atbp.

ARAL: Alam na. Kakaunti masiyado ang tubig sa aking katawan. Dala narin siguro ito ng sobrang pagkain.

Totoong Dahilan ng Pagsulat Nito: Sa dami ng gagawin para sa huling linggo ng klase, bigla akong tinamaan ng katams. Katams o ang sakit na tinatawag na katamaran. Wala itong lunas, parang kanser na tinatamaan ang kahit sino. Hindi nagagamot ng kape o kung anu-ano pang pampagising na inumin.
Totoong halimabawa: May kailangan akong ipasa mamaya pero ni hindi ko pa nababasa ang babasahin namin na ibinigay noong Biyernes. Ngayong linggo, makikita sa talatinigan katabi ng salitang TAMAD ang litrato ko. Mas uunahin ko pang basahin ang "Para Kay B" ni Ricky Lee kaysa sa aking mga babasahin sa klase.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

One Reason Only

I celebrated my 50th hour of being awake last mornight. 2am of February 13. 50 Hours!!!

I'll just give you one reason why February 13 is the best day ever.

It's my birthday. Born 6:05pm on the 13th of February, 1990.

Honestly, that's the only reason you need to be convinced that it's the best day ever.

If you don't believe me, something's wrong with you. I'm not kidding. You must have yourself checked by a psychiatrist or someone else. I'm deeply concerned.

Thanks, BETA. :)

MORAL: When one starts losing faith in humanity or in someone else, s/he just needs a "sign" or a surprise to pull oneself back into the hope bandwagon again. Well, this one's it. It was kind of a surprise for me. So, it's still a good day despite the Miting de Avance which was kind of.... HMMM. Hahaha.

And for those who are wondering or if one even noticed it, We Were Tranquilized By Sir Paglo. No meanie demeanor, no beachy vibes, no harsh comments, no nothing. Just plain question and answer type. Not. My. Type.

Friday, February 12, 2010

On the 12th Day of February

It's my Mom's birthday. I think that alone could make my 12th day super duper extra special with cheese on top. :)

But no. This Friday is Freakin' Fracking Fried Day.

Fried because yes, I'm still a walking zombie being awake for 47 hours now, thanks to coffee, soda, Explode, and Sting energy drinks. Never a healthy thing to do. The real question is why did I do it? I didn't just keep myself from sleeping for nothing. I had to finish tasks for Project Management (there were a lot), prepare for the system training and actually conduct it, attend our PolSci meeting, and finish our History project. Oh, I have to attend the forum of the candidates for the presidency. Believe it or not, I didn't have the time to change my corporate attire. I was walking around school doing stuff the whole time.

That's enough drama for me.

Hello, 47 hours.

MORAL: Zombieeeeee mode sucks.

Stagnant Water Breeds Dengue-Carrying Mosquitoes

Don't piss off someone who hasn't slept for nearly 48 hours. Why? 'Cause this someone won't understand what you're saying so the pissing-off attempt will not work. (Fail.)

I don't know how to react (yet) to the forum a while ago. (Maybe after sleeping I could react.) The debate, the questions, the platforms, the answers, the nonsense response, the witty replies, the ho-hum questions, the cutthroat questions, the annoying people, the change in venue, the cool temperature, the sleepless nights, the tripod and camera, and the really intelligent officers.

I use sarcasm not to get my point across, but to express myself and get myself to say things I want to say without hurting/offending people who don't get it. I find solace in sarcasm and well, it has been a part of me since I don't know when. It's like a scapegoat, for personal purposes, like I use it to say what I want to say and get the feeling off my pericardium. If you don't get it, I don't care. Sometimes not caring is fun.

If I want to tell you something, I'll start with either "No joke, (your name), (insert comment)," or "Seriously, (insert comment)," or "Honestly... (insert comment)."

Why didn't I ask questions a while ago? I shared my questions with the Ad Hoc already, but dang it, I spaced out! I mean, sleeplessness won't make you a beach. It'll make you a freaky walking zombie!!! I think I was just smiling or something the whole time. If you probably asked money from me, I'll give you some.

MORAL: Don't step on others to keep yourself on top. 'Cause what happens is that you're still on the same level, and you just made things worse for you.

Also, don't try keeping yourself awake for days.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the 11th Day of February

Title: Of Dusks and Dawns

On the 11th Day of February, some bad news came to us.

Last night, I was really feeling sleepy after the trip to the supermarket and I retreated to the comforts of mortals. I decided to sleep first then wake up after a few hours to pull not an all-nighter, but an...all-day-er? Bah.

We will never sleep, 'cause sleep is for the weak. And we will never rest, 'til we're all fucking dead. 
- Bring Me the Horizon's "Diamonds are Forever"

So my mom woke me up and gave me coffee, biscuits, and the never-ending pesto cheese bread. Not bad. I met the dawn and all of the people starting to go online really early in the morning. People like Lau and DJ are diamonds for me. I can't wake-up in the morning (when the temperature is still conducive to drooling). At 6am, we got news that my uncle (my mom's cousin) died of asthma attack.

It's Theology131 or the Theology of Marriage, Family Life, and Human Sexuality in a Catholic Perspective season again. There are a lot of groups doing projects about homosexuality, masturbation, pornography, and the likes. I got the "I know the TRUTH about Homosexual Activity, DO YOU?" pin while Francine got a pamphlet and CD about masturbation (HAHAHAHA!!!). So of course, we were curious what's inside the CD. Guess what: a program that when installed, blocks certain sites like anti-pornographic sites. Suitable for parents who want to block the family computer from "adult sites" so that their children won't be buying Trojans and Trusts for some time.

The real mumbo jumbo? BELLY FOUND MY EARPHONES ALREADY!!! I miss you, blue Philips earphones! Where was it found? At the bar. -_- My earphones want to be drunk on a weekday.

MORAL: If it's really there, it's really there. Patience is a virtue. Life is too short to do the things you don't want to do.

On the 10th Day of February

I am surprised people actually read this blog. I thought someone just kept on refreshing the page to get the counter up. Haha!

Title: The Fortune

10th day of February didn't disappoint!

The Fort fail moment. I was supposed to go the Fort for some firsthand experience of how to flunk an interview. So there. One hour and thirty minutes before the interview schedule and I was still contemplating on whether to push through with it or not. Turns out my no regrets policy won and I decided to go. Didn't realize that The Fort is just near our place. I mean, considering the accident, ergo traffic, along C5, we were able to make it even if we left late. It's just like going to Ateneo plus 15 minutes. Not bad. The Fort doesn't disappoint.

3 meetings scheduled in a span of one hour and thirty minutes. History, Ad Hoc, and Smart. Eyelove.

Still no signs of the whereabouts of my earphones. Please, please, come back. I don't want to buy a new one because if it ain't broke, why buy again?

First time I ate alone. Well, just in a foodcourt so for me it can't really be alone-alone. It's...alone-many? I am still waiting for the restaurant, "Table for one," moment. Haven't done that yet.

MORAL: All those sleepless nights will come back to you. One cannot be superhuman for so long. Unless you take drugs. Well, it will come back to you as well. Lose-Lose situation.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On the 9th Day of February

Title: Appanana

The day started not really as I intended or wished it would be because I woke up at 8am. I have a 9am class and the regular lack of sleep as well as energy drinks and coffee galore are haunting me now. Power naps are not working (nooooo!) and I can't seem to hear my phone alarm anymore. My sister used to be my personal alarm because she's a light sleeper and once she hears the loud upbeat music blaring, she'll get annoyed and start kicking me or hitting me to wake me up. Uhmm, honestly, my sister doesn't wake me up in those ways mentioned. She just nudges me with matching, "hoy ang ingay mo" goodmornings. Eyelove.

Nonsense talking, noise pollution, annoying chatter, all these are now passing through my eardrums and I have no power to block them off. My blue Philips earphones, come back to mama! I just placed my iPod to its dock for charging purposes but then when I was looking for you yesterday, OH NO. I smell trouble. Baby come baaaaaack!

I was kind of nervous as how the day will go because I don't have anything in mind for my ninth day of February. I still managed to go to school and found my Political Science class engaging in a mock impeachment case for the president. The most demanding person called me and the first greeting I told this person, "SINO 'TO?!" in an annoyed tone because this person was calling me while I was in class.
"Hi, are you free right now?"
"Uhm, actually, no. I am in class and just went out to take the call."
"Oh, it's okay. This will just take a few minutes." --> WIN. I was PWNED.

Anyway, the thing here is that I found out I have 2 gay classmates in my last class every Tuesdays and Thursdays. And my world went crumbling down like an avalanche. Tie me in the middle of the LRT tracks! Life is not worth it! To (at least try to) turn the bad news around, my BPR classmates and I ate in Banapple while Joppet is still comparing his envisioned Appanana to Banapple - from chairs, tables, waiting line, Internet, etc.

MORAL: The power of attraction. If you're not creative enough, Banapple is Banana + Apple. And then Appanana (watch out for this baby) is Apple + Banana. I KNOW. We're genius!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Right to Nothing

I have mine, you have yours. This is not like formulating a roster for a Fantasy Draft. This is in some ways deciding on what's going to happen to over 300 people in the next few years. I will pray for enlightenment.

MORAL: Finding someone who measures up to you helps you grow. If you don't acknowledge that presence, I'm sorry, you're stuck in your own perfect world. If it works for you, good. Other than that, some walls keep you in instead of keeping people outside.

Monday, February 08, 2010

On the 8th Day of February

Title: Defensive Pose

A ten-point quiz for two articles that are worth reading for a couple of hours. 5 points dedicated for identification while the other 5 for true/false. Crazy shoot day. I'm still suffering from really sore arms and legs, and was prompted to go to the 3rd floor of the MVP Center to finish the presentation with Mr. Broad Strokes of Blue and then go down again to go to the other building to take my History quiz. So after going down from the 3rd floor of MVP, I have to traverse to the other building and go up the 3rd floor once again. I grimaced at every step and I walked like I just had been circumcised. And yes, I was wearing corporate attire all the time. Makes life interesting, eh?

I saw Fatima holding a reviewer for one of the articles we need study. I was surprised she typed one so I kept on teasing her "Nerd! Pa-reviewer-reviewer ka pa diyan!" and made a lot of fuzz about it. To cut the humiliating story short, the reviewer wasn't hers, it was from her seatmate. SO THERE. I even thought her seatmate looked cute. :( Oh well, now the only cute someone I can look at is our dog.

So, after the quiz, I finally studied the slides for the presentation/defense. Last defense for the organization. Went well for me, I mean, I didn't suck-up and felt nauseated though I don't agree with all that they recommended. Hello. What if I apply as an OSA Professional? Ho-hum. Haha. We didn't start as scheduled so the result? I missed my Philosophy class again. I hate it when I miss that class because Philo gives the most "ohh" and "hmm" moments in my life. Frak.

Then again, a lot of politics and issues are still arising for the organization. Radical minds, stick to your decisions.

MORAL: Sometimes, it isn't as easy as 1, 2, 3. And yes, there are annoying female dogs everywhere. Things do not always go your way. Another is that LRT-2 terminals are not differently-abled friendly. I mean, it was really tough going up and down the stairs!

Devaluing the Presidents from History

What you're going to read is a result of reading Philippine History from authors that are Nationalist Historians and/or critiques of the olden times which is better known as history.

Politics. Philippine History.

I used to think that Emilio Aguinaldo was the worst president, I was wrong. Now I think thinking of that was simply ridiculous. Or maybe because he was given enough air time that's why he got the most darts targeted to his name.

Manuel Quezon, took a lot of effort to put the limelight to himself just so Filipinos can vote for him. I mean, he just changed the Hare-Hawes-Cutting Act to Tydings-McDuffie Law. Difference? Just 10% excluding the name. Intense politicker 1.

Manuel Roxas, another intense politicker, wowed the Filipino people with his oratorical skills. Charisma is such a killer. He made the people believe they could get their pre-war money again, even though the country doesn't really have anything left (which Sergio Osmena honestly told). Sorry Serg, apparently this country doesn't like honest people. So whom to vote? Yes, the eloquent Manuel Roxas who died after delivering an allegiance speech in the United States. Karma's such a b....each.

Carlos P. Garcia was the bombshell because of his Filipino First Policy and the whole Central Bank toughness. Then came the eee-deee-yot whose name's Diosdado Macapagal who dreamed about free enterprise and claimed it would be best for our country. The wacko's backed up by the US government and the influence was just too much. Hello decontrol program! Hello, inflation! Hello, burning pit of debt! It's obvious that USA wanted us to remain an agricultural country so that they could exploit us. Poor third world countries, becoming poorer and hungrier as ever.

Hi, Marcos, would I even start with you? First, you didn't reverse the evil freaky decontrol program. Though you signed the Magna Carta and won again because of it, still.

MORAL: Let's devalue the peso! Kiss American feet (or some other 3-letter body part), and corrupt ourselves with our countrymen's money! Hoorah! The future is bright for our country! It shines so bright my eyes are hurting now.

On the 7th Day of February

Title: Muscular Orgasm

I pushed my body again yesterday so here with a few scratches and a super sore body. I love muscle pain I don't know why. I can't sit or stand or do anything without having to squint or pull a grimaced face. Still, I don't like taking paracetamol or other pain-relievers just because I somehow enjoy muscle pain. (Note: My mom likes it, too. Really mild masochism - for physical pain only.) And yes, it's still really difficult to move around.

Then today's my dad's birthday so we had visitors over. Hello, cousins! And then my first real full body massage. My mom scheduled it for me a few days back so it was perfect timing.

MORAL: Everyday is a new learning experience.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

On the 6th Day of February

On the 6th Day of February The Secret gave to me: A mountain of hope and adversary.

Title: Not Everyday is A Lovely Day

Real climb with no one I know. Seriously. If there is a chance to be really friendly and all, this has got to be it. Went to Mt. Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas for a dayclimb (no setting-up of tents and all) and bask in the view from the Rockies overlooking Taal Volcano and Batangas.

It is love.

MORAL: It is good to check on yourself once in a while. Not check as in "check out" but check like gauge how good or not you are once in a while.

Friday, February 05, 2010

On the 5th Day of February

The magic that is Friday.

Title: It's Going to Be in History

Friday's the day of our 2nd History long exam and I came home late last night, plus had to do some org-related stuff. My mind was already dead from the day, being in school from 9am to almost 10pm, had Philo midterms and 2 quizzes. Plus, SciTech Cluster meeting and yes, the consultation.

What to do? I still need to read some heavy 7 chapters of good old American and Japanese occupation stories. The sad part is that the more I read, the more I learn, the more I grow hopeless with the Philippines. Really, heavy politicking even from the past? False pride? Why don't we ever learn?

Anyway, how was Friday? I tried to study/read the book but around 4am, I suddenly fell asleep on the couch. I woke up around 6am and was on a hysteria because my exam's at 1:30pm and I still got over a hundred pages to read, plus 3 more articles and 5 powerpoint presentations to run through. Then when I got to school, I asked around and turns out I was the only one who read the book, as they all just read the notes. Okay.

Admiral Kichisaburo Nomura FTW!!! If I were an American then, I would've probably slapped him because of his nationality but I wasn't. Nomura was in the right place at the wrong time with the right intentions. I pity him.

One more thing: Last day of filing of candidacy for Executive Board in the Management Information Systems Association. :)

Someone just pulled a "Mei Ong" political move in MISA. Hahaha.
And yes, there are others who take in a lot of pride in themselves. Honey, that won't work. Wait till your gas runs out.

MORAL: People, would never cease to surprise you - be it in a good or not so good way.

Platform: Be Ready for the Stage

Candidates asking me about my regrets as an organization president.
My current slogan is "No regrets. Live a life with no regrets."

If I answer it right now, that kind of sucks.

Funny how they can get information from someone. Taught them well. Haha.
If I were president again, what would I have done?
Did I have any regrets?

I want to answer. I think I have good answers for those questions.
I want to hear from you, guys, first. :)

MORAL: Politics is everywhere. The one that can adapt wins.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

On the 4th Day of February

Title: ET Experience

Philo Midterms, PM quiz, and Theo quiz.

The amazing part here is that Val and I did a marathon from CTC313 to BEL311. Yes, that's from Point A to Point Z. It is this --------------------------------------------------------- FAR. It's almost 2:55pm (our class starts at 3pm on the dot) and we were just dismissed. So what to do? Val and I decided to run and were hoping to catch a tricycle on the way. Suddenly, a blue tricycle was zooming as well, Ateneo E-Trike!!! Manong was so funny and supportive because I asked him, "Bellarmine po?" while running. He stopped and asked us to get inside and he did drop us at the footsteps of Bellarmine, even stopping in the middle of the road just so we can leave right away and not be late for class.

My ET (E-Trike) Experience is awesome. Manong E-Trike Driver is awesome. And yes, I believe I did well on those three endeavors for the day.

I led the prayer for PolSci class (my first class) by the way. So maybe that prompted the good things that happened to me. 9am-9pm on a Thursday. K. When our teacher was looking for some people in our class (because usually people don't show up), "Where is ____?" I point to my heart. Cheesy. K.

Thanks to STC people who let me drink freaking brewed coffee ("Kuya yung pinakamatapang niyo.") with no sugar and all. Argh.

MORAL: ETs are friends. They do not destroy the environment and are easy on the eyes.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

On the 3rd Day of February

I somehow forgot to post yesterday that my "claim number" was 888. Triple 8. So, when you get your picture and a frame that comes with it, your claim number will be posted there. I got 888.
So when people ask me, "What's that? And what's the number for?"
I tell them, "It says 888. I won in a raffle and I get a free framed picture of someone I don't know. How cool is that?!"
I get blank faces in return, so I'm not sure if they found it cool. I know I did. :)

Title for the 3rd Day: Fries Quickly

Project iPod Shuffle. Oftentimes, those with mp3 players whose memory are in GB (gigabytes) stock-up on truckloads of music just because they want a lot of music in their players! The result? Tumultuous hours spent on choosing and selecting a song to listen to. What's my proposition? Since these music are handpicked anyway, the owner most probably synced music s/he likes. Therefore, SHUFFLE is the best way to do it! Play all songs in shuffle or random mode, and don't hit the "next" button. Play out all of the songs and finish your library.

This day is frakking tired. I got the surprise of my life. My Saturday climb buddy just bailed on me. Guess who's not talking to someone for quite some time. Yes, I'm that immature at times. I hate it when people do that. Anyway, I went to the preclimb alone and yes, it was an awesome view and experience. Can't wait for the climb on Saturday.

Some nerdox stepped on my foot. Tamang "OUCH" lang. When walking, look at where you're going.

Downed 2 Quickly for today. One from mother, one from brother.

Here's the real thing, after how many years of loathing, I bought fries from KFC. I thought I was going to be poisoned by the crew.

But the most traumatizing moment of my day:
I was on my way home from McDonald's Katipunan when I saw a group of pre-teens. They don't look "gangster" type to me, but more like IP-lost-in-Manila. Some of them were searching/hitting the shrubs and when I was about to pass by, their leader or at least the one who's in front, threatened to poke me with a barbecue stick. WHAAT! I don't know why but somehow at the back of my mind, I knew she won't do it. I was NR (no reaction) the whole time, thanks to earphones. Next wave, two other fellows who were behind her were taunting me, pretending to surprise me or touch me. They were saying something but I wasn't able to hear, thanks to earphones. I didn't have any reaction to all their actions but afterwards I really felt awful. WTH?!

MORAL: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and everyone else. I don't want to lose hope in humanity.

On the 2nd Day of February

Title: Wake Picture

THIS DAY IS SO GLOBAL WARMING HOT. And I mean it! Earth to People! It's SOOOO FRAKING warm now, stop exhaling or stop burning those plastics. Carbon monoxide and dioxide suck!

On the second day of February The Secret gave to me:
My graduation picture, arm warmers, a new anti-virus, a responding French seatmate, and Tuna Ban. Quantity day.

I'm still on with my 12 Days of February thing, in case you're wondering. What I'm planning or not planning (life, surprise me) is that I would have/do/experience something different on each day of February, for (DUH) twelve days. The first week looks pretty good - good here means something different is going to happen whether I like the event or not. Proposal defenses are part of the "something different" but they are not desired, wanted, or wished for. Haha.

So, how's my second day?

I got my graduation picture which I hauled the entire day (my only break was lunch time so I don't have any choice). I like my picture and I'm not complaining. Now I have something to put on my wake. OH YEAH. (Please do not take this as an invitation to salvage me or do anything threatening to the betterment of the world.)

I've successfully replaced the monstrosity that is my old anti-virus. I've been using it since Alexander (my old laptop) was born. Now, I have free anti-virus which according to Mr. Tee (hi, JM!) is very useful. Thank you, Windows!

French seatmate. In our BPR (Business Process Re-engineering, I know our subjects sound really cool just don't ask me to explain it to you) class, we have a WHOLE LOT of French classmates. Since I'm doing my 12 Days of February, I did the most convenient thing to do: talk to my French seatmate. I didn't care if he was feeling shy or quiet but I talked to him anyway. We talked about my bag with French cartoons which I claimed I have no idea what my bag just illustrated and all I knew was it looked nice, about fastfood industry in France, about people having "Ong" as a surname, and other stuff. Yes, we talked while our teacher was discussing and we were just seated on the second row. Kids, don't try that in school. (Hi, Alex, if you're reading this, WTF are you doing in my blog?! Joke.)

And to top it off, there's a Tuna Ban being implemented already. Yay, fishies! No to endangerment! (My comment to the picture above: FISH ARE FRIENDS NOT FOOD! Tofu is good.)

MORAL: Now I think of it, after all that I have typed, maybe I was just counting my blessings and looked at events with more appreciative eyes. Well, these are things I don't do/experience everyday anyway so YAY 12 Days of February still kickin'! I think I will volunteer to say the prayer in our last Theology class. Hrrrrmm.....

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

On the 1st Day of February

Real Title: Ostrich Cowboy (The title of the untitled song of Barbie Almalbis. Yes.)

On the First Day of February my true dreams gave to me:

A backpack and an old dream.

And all the while I thought my first day of February would suck because I have to do thesis (death) aka Project Management (PM) aka IT Management (ITM).

February 1 is a surprising day. Let's recall!

January 31 was supposed to be my last day of being free, because the next day would be the start of what would be the Month That Never Sleeps (because of all the responsibilities to do). And so, knowing that we're going to do thesis on an Atenean Holiday (Feb 1 is President's Day), I know my 12 Days of February would be a total bull.

I somehow read and found out that Barbie Almalbis would be playing somewhere in Katipunan. ALL HAIL BARBIE! She's going to freaking save my day! I've been in love with Barbie since....CRAP I can't remember! Even though my friend bailed on me, my sister is there, glad to accompany me as long as I treat her.

Okay. I think I have done a productive work for our PM meeting while Mikey (my groupmate) fed us like it was our last supper. Full of ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, orange juice, fish crackers, brownies, pasta, chicken, and salmon. Who's the pig now? Then I hitched a free ride to TriNoMa and found my trekking bag which I gladly bought. I was wearing my gangster hoodie which I have named "my Jason Ivler jacket" when I was able to see the bag. Now I have something to use in my adventures.

I knew it. I'm in for a big day.

And the rest, is Barbie time (of course, I'll post the picture taken with a slow shutter speed just because I like the hazy light effect). And yes, that's a blue iPod shuffle sitting pretty in her guitar. I like the place, the music, and the vibe. I finally became a certified fan girl (because life is too short to regret opportunities you threw away) and had a picture taken with her (I treated my sister to free food, music, and transpo so that picture is quite expensive). Her voice is really for the praise-and-worship material, soothing and all. Good for calming one's nerves. It's my tranquilizer or my stress ball. Bottomline:

Barbie is LOVE.

MORAL: Jesus loves you, yes I know. Wasted on a Monday night. Woo!

Monday, February 01, 2010

12 Days of February

Hello, February! It's been a long time. I'm not really excited to meet you because it means a lot of things.

My term as a servant leader is almost over.
I'll be older and definitely smarter, wiser, and better in a few days.
Exam days are coming up...again.
Sleepless nights...forever.
My days in Ateneo are almost over.
My parents' birthdays are coming up. February 7 and 12.
I'll be as busy as a CCTV.

Stress galore. So how are we going to do this?

12 Days of February. 12 days of something special. Something out of the ordinary, out of my routine. Take that.

I know I'm awesome.

MORAL: Life's too short. I'm telling you that.

My Days Hiding At Home Are Over

I told myself before and I guess a lot of people usually say it, too, "I want to travel." I want to go to a lot of places, whatever my intentions are - shopping, adventure, food tripping, sight-seeing, looking for Yamashita's treasure, meeting new people, I mean whatever. Sad part is that most of the time, no one gets to be anywhere but where they were when they said it. Little by little, you'll get to it.

Dreaming of backpacking across Europe and keep on telling yourself, "when I get to save enough money I will do it." HAHA is my message. Enough money is never enough. First, you didn't even think of an amount. How can you save enough? How much is enough? Try doing it in your homeland first. And if you decide you can't continue, you could always ride the first bus back home (easy way out!). Another is, "I will buy a DSLR for my escapades." It costs too much if you don't really want to buy it. You can't travel yet because you don't have that bulky camera? Get a digicam and set it to the maximum number of megapixels available.

That destination will always be too far if you don't want to go.
I tell myself I want to experience nature.
Guess who's saving money for that Mt. Pinatubo experience.
Guess who's still carrying the Pentax and Canon digicam.
Waterproof is good. Ixus is good.

MORAL: The first step to travelling is to go out. Well, unless you want the type of travelling wherein you stay at home, better curl up and read a book, or do some astral meditation. Life is an adventure as they say. I say, life's too short to be doing what you don't want to do. Find the "holy" in things and Max Scheler would be so proud.

I still love staying at home and sitting on each one of our 300 chairs btw.