Monday, February 22, 2010

Batista Energy!

We don't have class later because it's a National Holiday - remembering EDSA 1. Okay. If you think the photo above is not related to anything in this post, you're....WRONG! Everything is about Marat Safin. He will kiss away our problems goodbye. Amen!

Anyway, most seniors are being Spartans right now sacrificing their bodies and are toiling the heck out of everyone's brains and fingers. In this picture one could see the stress experiences of a student. The Nagaraya pack was stolen acquired during a Miting de Avance, the Power Pops! cereal snack is a really sweet bar, there's Hopiang Hapon, tikoy at the background, roasted garlic peanuts at the rightmost area, an Aquino-Roxas support pin (from my mom), my phone, my external HD, and lastly... my best friend.

I can say that my best friend came at the right time. The people behind its marketing team got the perfect timing, right before the hell weeks, the stress weeks, the weeks when students hate their lives.

I bring you:

Best friend!!! Comes in three awesome flavors: Lemon, Cola, and Orange. They are carbonated, mind you. So if you like Mountain Dew, orange soda, or just plain cola, buy Xplode instead for that extra kick or since Batista is the main endorser, for that Batista Bomb-ready energy! (Please don't mind the Colt 45 in the background. Thanks.)

MORALWARNING: Too much energy can make you feel nauseous, drop 10 IQ points, make you feel like Incredible Hulk, cause you to smile for no reason at all, etc. However, due to popular FAQs, IT WILL NOT MAKE YOUR CHEST MUSCLES INFLATE LIKE BATISTA's. OK?


"Nakapag-Batista ka na ba?"
"Nakatikim ka na ba ng pawis ni Batista?"
"Gusto ko ng Batista energy."
"Dahil sa Xplode, kaya ko na mang-powerbomb, Batista Bomb, rather!"

- Testimonials about Xplode. Grabe lang. Endorser din ba ako.

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