Sunday, February 21, 2010

By-Passing the Discrimination Code

Have you ever seen such beautiful slippers? These are library-dresscode-friendly set-ups.

Here's the story. I was so frakking mad at someone-who-pretends-to-be-a-teacher and so I had to photocopy something. I stumbled upon a friend, Anna, and she also needed to have her transcript photocopied. So there, the search for the nearest photocopying machine started. And failed.

All of the photocopying machines in Ateneo (believe it or not) were either doomed (SOM) or do not have long bond papers available for photocopying (Kostka, Sec-A, and C). Anna and I thought the heavens (or non-heavens) conspired to whip the shiitake out of all the photocopying centers. Since we really need to do our stuff, we decided to go to the Library. Lo and behold, both of us were wearing rubber slippers that do not have strap at the back part which is needed as part of the discrimination dresscode for the library.

We met Portia, Anna's friend, and had a little chit-chat all the while I was staring at her feet imagining if she wore discrimination dresscode-friendly slippers our problems would have been solved already. However, she wasn't. She was also wearing these tsinelas that have made my Atenean life so much better.

I suggested a lot of things, from just unfolding my pants to hide the ankles part, Anna told me it won't work and she uttered  the wise words of a true friend, "May hawak ka mang bomba, mas titingnan nila paa mo."

That's how the idea of tying straws just to cover the ankle came up. I got the straws from our department, DISCS (Department of Information Systems and Computer Science), and it pays to know the people there. I borrowed scissors and straw. I was asked what they were for and told them I had to by-pass the dresscode.

YAY! Anna made hers and we realized there were too many people to try our plan. Then, my friend Francis popped out of nowhere and we just asked him to have our stuff photocopied.

MORAL: Senior students have the privilege of doing whatever they like while their days as students are numbered.

This thing gave us a lot of ideas. Librarians and the cafeteria are next.

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