Monday, February 08, 2010

Devaluing the Presidents from History

What you're going to read is a result of reading Philippine History from authors that are Nationalist Historians and/or critiques of the olden times which is better known as history.

Politics. Philippine History.

I used to think that Emilio Aguinaldo was the worst president, I was wrong. Now I think thinking of that was simply ridiculous. Or maybe because he was given enough air time that's why he got the most darts targeted to his name.

Manuel Quezon, took a lot of effort to put the limelight to himself just so Filipinos can vote for him. I mean, he just changed the Hare-Hawes-Cutting Act to Tydings-McDuffie Law. Difference? Just 10% excluding the name. Intense politicker 1.

Manuel Roxas, another intense politicker, wowed the Filipino people with his oratorical skills. Charisma is such a killer. He made the people believe they could get their pre-war money again, even though the country doesn't really have anything left (which Sergio Osmena honestly told). Sorry Serg, apparently this country doesn't like honest people. So whom to vote? Yes, the eloquent Manuel Roxas who died after delivering an allegiance speech in the United States. Karma's such a b....each.

Carlos P. Garcia was the bombshell because of his Filipino First Policy and the whole Central Bank toughness. Then came the eee-deee-yot whose name's Diosdado Macapagal who dreamed about free enterprise and claimed it would be best for our country. The wacko's backed up by the US government and the influence was just too much. Hello decontrol program! Hello, inflation! Hello, burning pit of debt! It's obvious that USA wanted us to remain an agricultural country so that they could exploit us. Poor third world countries, becoming poorer and hungrier as ever.

Hi, Marcos, would I even start with you? First, you didn't reverse the evil freaky decontrol program. Though you signed the Magna Carta and won again because of it, still.

MORAL: Let's devalue the peso! Kiss American feet (or some other 3-letter body part), and corrupt ourselves with our countrymen's money! Hoorah! The future is bright for our country! It shines so bright my eyes are hurting now.

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