Monday, February 01, 2010

My Days Hiding At Home Are Over

I told myself before and I guess a lot of people usually say it, too, "I want to travel." I want to go to a lot of places, whatever my intentions are - shopping, adventure, food tripping, sight-seeing, looking for Yamashita's treasure, meeting new people, I mean whatever. Sad part is that most of the time, no one gets to be anywhere but where they were when they said it. Little by little, you'll get to it.

Dreaming of backpacking across Europe and keep on telling yourself, "when I get to save enough money I will do it." HAHA is my message. Enough money is never enough. First, you didn't even think of an amount. How can you save enough? How much is enough? Try doing it in your homeland first. And if you decide you can't continue, you could always ride the first bus back home (easy way out!). Another is, "I will buy a DSLR for my escapades." It costs too much if you don't really want to buy it. You can't travel yet because you don't have that bulky camera? Get a digicam and set it to the maximum number of megapixels available.

That destination will always be too far if you don't want to go.
I tell myself I want to experience nature.
Guess who's saving money for that Mt. Pinatubo experience.
Guess who's still carrying the Pentax and Canon digicam.
Waterproof is good. Ixus is good.

MORAL: The first step to travelling is to go out. Well, unless you want the type of travelling wherein you stay at home, better curl up and read a book, or do some astral meditation. Life is an adventure as they say. I say, life's too short to be doing what you don't want to do. Find the "holy" in things and Max Scheler would be so proud.

I still love staying at home and sitting on each one of our 300 chairs btw.

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