Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the 10th Day of February

I am surprised people actually read this blog. I thought someone just kept on refreshing the page to get the counter up. Haha!

Title: The Fortune

10th day of February didn't disappoint!

The Fort fail moment. I was supposed to go the Fort for some firsthand experience of how to flunk an interview. So there. One hour and thirty minutes before the interview schedule and I was still contemplating on whether to push through with it or not. Turns out my no regrets policy won and I decided to go. Didn't realize that The Fort is just near our place. I mean, considering the accident, ergo traffic, along C5, we were able to make it even if we left late. It's just like going to Ateneo plus 15 minutes. Not bad. The Fort doesn't disappoint.

3 meetings scheduled in a span of one hour and thirty minutes. History, Ad Hoc, and Smart. Eyelove.

Still no signs of the whereabouts of my earphones. Please, please, come back. I don't want to buy a new one because if it ain't broke, why buy again?

First time I ate alone. Well, just in a foodcourt so for me it can't really be alone-alone. It's...alone-many? I am still waiting for the restaurant, "Table for one," moment. Haven't done that yet.

MORAL: All those sleepless nights will come back to you. One cannot be superhuman for so long. Unless you take drugs. Well, it will come back to you as well. Lose-Lose situation.

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