Tuesday, February 02, 2010

On the 1st Day of February

Real Title: Ostrich Cowboy (The title of the untitled song of Barbie Almalbis. Yes.)

On the First Day of February my true dreams gave to me:

A backpack and an old dream.

And all the while I thought my first day of February would suck because I have to do thesis (death) aka Project Management (PM) aka IT Management (ITM).

February 1 is a surprising day. Let's recall!

January 31 was supposed to be my last day of being free, because the next day would be the start of what would be the Month That Never Sleeps (because of all the responsibilities to do). And so, knowing that we're going to do thesis on an Atenean Holiday (Feb 1 is President's Day), I know my 12 Days of February would be a total bull.

I somehow read and found out that Barbie Almalbis would be playing somewhere in Katipunan. ALL HAIL BARBIE! She's going to freaking save my day! I've been in love with Barbie since....CRAP I can't remember! Even though my friend bailed on me, my sister is there, glad to accompany me as long as I treat her.

Okay. I think I have done a productive work for our PM meeting while Mikey (my groupmate) fed us like it was our last supper. Full of ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, orange juice, fish crackers, brownies, pasta, chicken, and salmon. Who's the pig now? Then I hitched a free ride to TriNoMa and found my trekking bag which I gladly bought. I was wearing my gangster hoodie which I have named "my Jason Ivler jacket" when I was able to see the bag. Now I have something to use in my adventures.

I knew it. I'm in for a big day.

And the rest, is Barbie time (of course, I'll post the picture taken with a slow shutter speed just because I like the hazy light effect). And yes, that's a blue iPod shuffle sitting pretty in her guitar. I like the place, the music, and the vibe. I finally became a certified fan girl (because life is too short to regret opportunities you threw away) and had a picture taken with her (I treated my sister to free food, music, and transpo so that picture is quite expensive). Her voice is really for the praise-and-worship material, soothing and all. Good for calming one's nerves. It's my tranquilizer or my stress ball. Bottomline:

Barbie is LOVE.

MORAL: Jesus loves you, yes I know. Wasted on a Monday night. Woo!

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