Wednesday, February 03, 2010

On the 2nd Day of February

Title: Wake Picture

THIS DAY IS SO GLOBAL WARMING HOT. And I mean it! Earth to People! It's SOOOO FRAKING warm now, stop exhaling or stop burning those plastics. Carbon monoxide and dioxide suck!

On the second day of February The Secret gave to me:
My graduation picture, arm warmers, a new anti-virus, a responding French seatmate, and Tuna Ban. Quantity day.

I'm still on with my 12 Days of February thing, in case you're wondering. What I'm planning or not planning (life, surprise me) is that I would have/do/experience something different on each day of February, for (DUH) twelve days. The first week looks pretty good - good here means something different is going to happen whether I like the event or not. Proposal defenses are part of the "something different" but they are not desired, wanted, or wished for. Haha.

So, how's my second day?

I got my graduation picture which I hauled the entire day (my only break was lunch time so I don't have any choice). I like my picture and I'm not complaining. Now I have something to put on my wake. OH YEAH. (Please do not take this as an invitation to salvage me or do anything threatening to the betterment of the world.)

I've successfully replaced the monstrosity that is my old anti-virus. I've been using it since Alexander (my old laptop) was born. Now, I have free anti-virus which according to Mr. Tee (hi, JM!) is very useful. Thank you, Windows!

French seatmate. In our BPR (Business Process Re-engineering, I know our subjects sound really cool just don't ask me to explain it to you) class, we have a WHOLE LOT of French classmates. Since I'm doing my 12 Days of February, I did the most convenient thing to do: talk to my French seatmate. I didn't care if he was feeling shy or quiet but I talked to him anyway. We talked about my bag with French cartoons which I claimed I have no idea what my bag just illustrated and all I knew was it looked nice, about fastfood industry in France, about people having "Ong" as a surname, and other stuff. Yes, we talked while our teacher was discussing and we were just seated on the second row. Kids, don't try that in school. (Hi, Alex, if you're reading this, WTF are you doing in my blog?! Joke.)

And to top it off, there's a Tuna Ban being implemented already. Yay, fishies! No to endangerment! (My comment to the picture above: FISH ARE FRIENDS NOT FOOD! Tofu is good.)

MORAL: Now I think of it, after all that I have typed, maybe I was just counting my blessings and looked at events with more appreciative eyes. Well, these are things I don't do/experience everyday anyway so YAY 12 Days of February still kickin'! I think I will volunteer to say the prayer in our last Theology class. Hrrrrmm.....

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