Wednesday, February 03, 2010

On the 3rd Day of February

I somehow forgot to post yesterday that my "claim number" was 888. Triple 8. So, when you get your picture and a frame that comes with it, your claim number will be posted there. I got 888.
So when people ask me, "What's that? And what's the number for?"
I tell them, "It says 888. I won in a raffle and I get a free framed picture of someone I don't know. How cool is that?!"
I get blank faces in return, so I'm not sure if they found it cool. I know I did. :)

Title for the 3rd Day: Fries Quickly

Project iPod Shuffle. Oftentimes, those with mp3 players whose memory are in GB (gigabytes) stock-up on truckloads of music just because they want a lot of music in their players! The result? Tumultuous hours spent on choosing and selecting a song to listen to. What's my proposition? Since these music are handpicked anyway, the owner most probably synced music s/he likes. Therefore, SHUFFLE is the best way to do it! Play all songs in shuffle or random mode, and don't hit the "next" button. Play out all of the songs and finish your library.

This day is frakking tired. I got the surprise of my life. My Saturday climb buddy just bailed on me. Guess who's not talking to someone for quite some time. Yes, I'm that immature at times. I hate it when people do that. Anyway, I went to the preclimb alone and yes, it was an awesome view and experience. Can't wait for the climb on Saturday.

Some nerdox stepped on my foot. Tamang "OUCH" lang. When walking, look at where you're going.

Downed 2 Quickly for today. One from mother, one from brother.

Here's the real thing, after how many years of loathing, I bought fries from KFC. I thought I was going to be poisoned by the crew.

But the most traumatizing moment of my day:
I was on my way home from McDonald's Katipunan when I saw a group of pre-teens. They don't look "gangster" type to me, but more like IP-lost-in-Manila. Some of them were searching/hitting the shrubs and when I was about to pass by, their leader or at least the one who's in front, threatened to poke me with a barbecue stick. WHAAT! I don't know why but somehow at the back of my mind, I knew she won't do it. I was NR (no reaction) the whole time, thanks to earphones. Next wave, two other fellows who were behind her were taunting me, pretending to surprise me or touch me. They were saying something but I wasn't able to hear, thanks to earphones. I didn't have any reaction to all their actions but afterwards I really felt awful. WTH?!

MORAL: Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and everyone else. I don't want to lose hope in humanity.

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