Thursday, February 04, 2010

On the 4th Day of February

Title: ET Experience

Philo Midterms, PM quiz, and Theo quiz.

The amazing part here is that Val and I did a marathon from CTC313 to BEL311. Yes, that's from Point A to Point Z. It is this --------------------------------------------------------- FAR. It's almost 2:55pm (our class starts at 3pm on the dot) and we were just dismissed. So what to do? Val and I decided to run and were hoping to catch a tricycle on the way. Suddenly, a blue tricycle was zooming as well, Ateneo E-Trike!!! Manong was so funny and supportive because I asked him, "Bellarmine po?" while running. He stopped and asked us to get inside and he did drop us at the footsteps of Bellarmine, even stopping in the middle of the road just so we can leave right away and not be late for class.

My ET (E-Trike) Experience is awesome. Manong E-Trike Driver is awesome. And yes, I believe I did well on those three endeavors for the day.

I led the prayer for PolSci class (my first class) by the way. So maybe that prompted the good things that happened to me. 9am-9pm on a Thursday. K. When our teacher was looking for some people in our class (because usually people don't show up), "Where is ____?" I point to my heart. Cheesy. K.

Thanks to STC people who let me drink freaking brewed coffee ("Kuya yung pinakamatapang niyo.") with no sugar and all. Argh.

MORAL: ETs are friends. They do not destroy the environment and are easy on the eyes.

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