Friday, February 05, 2010

On the 5th Day of February

The magic that is Friday.

Title: It's Going to Be in History

Friday's the day of our 2nd History long exam and I came home late last night, plus had to do some org-related stuff. My mind was already dead from the day, being in school from 9am to almost 10pm, had Philo midterms and 2 quizzes. Plus, SciTech Cluster meeting and yes, the consultation.

What to do? I still need to read some heavy 7 chapters of good old American and Japanese occupation stories. The sad part is that the more I read, the more I learn, the more I grow hopeless with the Philippines. Really, heavy politicking even from the past? False pride? Why don't we ever learn?

Anyway, how was Friday? I tried to study/read the book but around 4am, I suddenly fell asleep on the couch. I woke up around 6am and was on a hysteria because my exam's at 1:30pm and I still got over a hundred pages to read, plus 3 more articles and 5 powerpoint presentations to run through. Then when I got to school, I asked around and turns out I was the only one who read the book, as they all just read the notes. Okay.

Admiral Kichisaburo Nomura FTW!!! If I were an American then, I would've probably slapped him because of his nationality but I wasn't. Nomura was in the right place at the wrong time with the right intentions. I pity him.

One more thing: Last day of filing of candidacy for Executive Board in the Management Information Systems Association. :)

Someone just pulled a "Mei Ong" political move in MISA. Hahaha.
And yes, there are others who take in a lot of pride in themselves. Honey, that won't work. Wait till your gas runs out.

MORAL: People, would never cease to surprise you - be it in a good or not so good way.

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