Monday, February 08, 2010

On the 8th Day of February

Title: Defensive Pose

A ten-point quiz for two articles that are worth reading for a couple of hours. 5 points dedicated for identification while the other 5 for true/false. Crazy shoot day. I'm still suffering from really sore arms and legs, and was prompted to go to the 3rd floor of the MVP Center to finish the presentation with Mr. Broad Strokes of Blue and then go down again to go to the other building to take my History quiz. So after going down from the 3rd floor of MVP, I have to traverse to the other building and go up the 3rd floor once again. I grimaced at every step and I walked like I just had been circumcised. And yes, I was wearing corporate attire all the time. Makes life interesting, eh?

I saw Fatima holding a reviewer for one of the articles we need study. I was surprised she typed one so I kept on teasing her "Nerd! Pa-reviewer-reviewer ka pa diyan!" and made a lot of fuzz about it. To cut the humiliating story short, the reviewer wasn't hers, it was from her seatmate. SO THERE. I even thought her seatmate looked cute. :( Oh well, now the only cute someone I can look at is our dog.

So, after the quiz, I finally studied the slides for the presentation/defense. Last defense for the organization. Went well for me, I mean, I didn't suck-up and felt nauseated though I don't agree with all that they recommended. Hello. What if I apply as an OSA Professional? Ho-hum. Haha. We didn't start as scheduled so the result? I missed my Philosophy class again. I hate it when I miss that class because Philo gives the most "ohh" and "hmm" moments in my life. Frak.

Then again, a lot of politics and issues are still arising for the organization. Radical minds, stick to your decisions.

MORAL: Sometimes, it isn't as easy as 1, 2, 3. And yes, there are annoying female dogs everywhere. Things do not always go your way. Another is that LRT-2 terminals are not differently-abled friendly. I mean, it was really tough going up and down the stairs!

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